Correct Wrong

On The Road – Correct/Wrong English Grammar Exercise

Some of the words and expressions from the box below have been defined in sentences 1 – 16. In some cases, these definitions are correct, and in some they are wrong. Decide which…

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Words Media

The Media – Choose Correct Words and Expressions

Complete sentences and definitions 1 – 12 with words and expressions from the box. You will not need all of the words and expressions. airtime * audience * broadcast * broadsheet * censor…

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Right Expressions

Idioms and Colloquialisms – Make the Right Connection

Connect the first part of each sentence in the first box on this page with the second half in the second box on the next page. Use the correct  expressions to help you…

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Informal Phrasal Verbs

Informal Phrasal Verbs – True/False Exercise

The phrasal verbs in this exercise have all been taken from British television and radio programmes (news reports, soap operas, quizzes, films, chat shows, etc) over a 3-month period. They are all very…

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Rearrange The letters

Rearrange the Letters in Bold [Condition and Requirement]

Rearrange the letters in bold to make words and expressions related to condition and requirement. The first one has been done as an example. sa nlgo sa there is sufficient demand for healthy…

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Opposite Adjectives

Opposites: Adjectives – Practice Exercise

Opposites, also known as antonyms, are words that express contrary or contrasting meanings. When it comes to adjectives, opposites provide a way to describe characteristics, qualities, or states in contrasting terms. Replace the…

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Children Family Grammar

Children and the Family – Choose Correct Word

Children are at the heart of the family unit, playing a pivotal role in shaping its dynamics and influencing its development. The family serves as the primary environment where children learn about relationships,…

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Comparing and Contrasting – Choose Most Appropriate Word or Expression

Complete these sentences with the most appropriate word or expression in bold. In one case, all three options are possible. 1. The contrast / compare / comparison in working conditions between our Denver…

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Time – Complete The Sentences – Exercise 1, 2 and 3

Time is a concept that has fascinated and perplexed humans for millennia. It is a fundamental aspect of our existence, shaping our perceptions, experiences, and understanding of the world around us. From the…

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One word Eduhyme

Complete the Sentences Using Over and Under Words

Look at these mini-dialogues and complete each one with a word from the box. These words all include over or under. One word can be used twice. overhaul * overheads * overmanned /…

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Noise English

Human and Other Noises – Match The Correct Words

Noise is an omnipresent aspect of our daily lives, influencing our experiences and shaping our environments in various ways. From the bustling city streets to the quiet corners of nature, noise manifests in…

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Time Prepositions

Exercise To Solve – Time Prepositions

Time prepositions play a crucial role in our daily lives, helping us convey the sequence and duration of events. Let’s explore the importance of these prepositions through a series of sentences that illustrate…

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English Grammar Eduhyme

Deciphering Language: Tell Vs. Say Vs. Ask

Language is a rich tapestry of words, each with its own nuanced meaning and usage. Among the multitude of words in the English language, “tell,” “say,” and “ask” hold a distinct place. These…

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Irregular Plurals Eduhyme

Common Irregular Plurals With Their Meanings

The English language is a fascinating tapestry of rules, exceptions, and intricacies. One aspect that exemplifies this complexity is the formation of plurals, where most nouns simply add an “s” or “es” to…

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English Grammar Tag Questions Eduhyme

Understanding Tag Questions in English Grammar

Tag questions, a common feature of English grammar, are short questions attached to statements to seek confirmation, agreement, or disagreement. They consist of a pronoun, an auxiliary verb, and a negation, if required….

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English grammar modals Eduhyme

Modals Exercise – Choose the Correct Alternative

Modals, also known as modal verbs, are an essential part of English grammar. They play a crucial role in expressing various shades of meaning, such as ability, possibility, necessity, and obligation. However, using…

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Improve Underline Eduhyme

Improve the Underline Part of Sentence – Exercise To Solve

Effective communication relies on the proper use of language, including correct grammar and punctuation. One aspect of writing that often poses a challenge is determining the appropriate way to underline or emphasize a…

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How Are You Eduhyme

Exploring Different Phrases to Say “How Are You?”

When engaging in a conversation, one of the most common ways to start is by asking, “How are you?” This simple question serves as a polite gesture to show interest in the well-being…

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Correct Form of Verbs Eduhyme

[English Grammar] Fill in the blanks with Correct Form of Verbs – Practice Test 200+ Questions

Verbs are an essential part of any sentence as they express actions, states, or occurrences. Using the correct form of verbs is crucial to convey the intended meaning and maintain proper grammar in…

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Macmillan English Grammar in Context PDF Books – Free Download

Grammar is the set of rules that govern the structure of a language. In English, grammar is an essential aspect of the language that affects how we speak, write, and communicate with one…

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