Idioms Work

Idioms and Other Expressions Used For Talking About ‘Work’

Exercise 1: Choose the best definition, (a) or (b), to explain the idiom or other expression in bold in these sentences. 1. Sue has always been a high-flier. (a) Someone who has achieved…

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Weasel Words

What Are Weasel Words?

In the vast landscape of language, certain phrases wield subtle power. They slip into our conversations, articles, and advertisements, leaving an indelible mark. Among these linguistic chameleons are the elusive “weasel words.” What…

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Income Tax Return File ONLINE ITR

How to File ITR Online – Eight Easy Steps for E-Filing Income Tax Return

Filing an Income Tax Return (ITR) online has become a streamlined and efficient process with the new income tax portal. By logging in with PAN-based credentials and following a few straightforward steps, taxpayers…

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