Obligation and Option – Complete The Sentences (With Answers)

Obligation and Option

Understanding the concepts of obligation and option is crucial in navigating various aspects of life, from personal responsibilities to professional decisions. In English, the correct use of language to express obligations and options can significantly impact effective communication.

Complete sentences 1 – 17 with a suitable word from the box. More than one answer is possible in some cases.

alternative * compelled * compulsory * entail * essential * exempt * forced * have * liable * mandatory *nmust * need * obligation * obliged * optional * require * voluntary

1. A valid passport and visa are _____________ by all visitors to the country. Unless you have these, you will not be allowed in.

2. Attendance at all classes is _____________. You may not miss a class without prior arrangement with your course leader.

3. Note to new students: all fees _____________ be paid no later than one week before the commencement of the course. Your place on the course may be forfeited if you fail to satisfy this requirement.

4. Before you make an appointment with the college doctor, you _____________ to register your name at the clinic, which you will find in the Administrative Block.

5. If you cause any damage to property, whether accidentally or on purpose, you will be held _____________ for any costs incurred.

6. The college was _____________ to refund part of its student fees after they announced that several of the course modules would no longer be running.

7. Books, clothes, and food are currently _____________ from government tax, as they are considered necessities rather than luxuries.

8. _____________ police security checks are carried out on all students and members of staff who will be working or associating with minors (i.e., those under 18).

9. Entrance to the museum is free, but visitors are asked to make a _____________ donation of $5.

10. Evening lectures and presentations are _____________: it is up to you whether you attend or not.

11. Unless your attendance improves, the college will have no _____________ but to ask you to leave the course.

12. Manufacturers of packaged foods are _____________ to list all the ingredients contained clearly on the box or package. This should include any artificial colorings and additives.

13. You are under no _____________ to work overtime, but we hope that you would be prepared to work late at least once a week.

14. When Professor Ranscombe was accused of making sexist remarks in his lectures, he felt _____________ to write a public letter of apology to those he had offended.

15. The project is very exciting, but everyone realizes that it will _____________ a lot of work.

16. There’s no _____________ to make an appointment to see me. Just turn up at my office anytime after lunch.

17. It is absolutely _____________ that the two liquids are kept separate, otherwise a chemical reaction could trigger an explosion.

Correct Answers:

  1. required (not mandatory or compulsory, as these cannot be followed with by)
  2. compulsory
  3. must (not have, as this must be followed with to)
  4. have / need
  5. liable (not obliged or compelled, as these must be followed with to)
  6. forced (this is better than obliged or compelled, as it is stronger and suggests that the company has no other choice. Also, obliged and compelled are usually used when somebody makes somebody else do something)
  7. exempt
  8. Mandatory (this is better than Compulsory, as it suggests the checks must be carried out because of a law: see 2 above)
  9. voluntary (not optional, as the gap is preceded by a, not an)
  10. optional (not voluntary, as the gap is preceded by an)
  11. alternative (used as part of an expression: “We have no alternative but to…”)
  12. obliged / required
  13. obligation (note the adjective form of obliged / obligation = obligatory)
  14. compelled (in other words, he felt that people were putting pressure on him to make him leave. We could also use obliged)
  15. entail (we can also say involve)
  16. need (used here as a noun)
  17. essential (vital or imperative could also be used)
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