Rearrange the Letters in Bold [Condition and Requirement]

Rearrange The letters

Rearrange the letters in bold to make words and expressions related to condition and requirement. The first one has been done as an example.

  1. sa nlgo sa there is sufficient demand for healthy food such as salads and soups in the school cafeteria, we will continue to provide it.
    (Answer = As long as)
  2. seusln I receive your assignment within the next couple of days, I will have to give you a lower grade for the course.
  3. Students may use the college computers for personal emails no incotnido atth they agree to give up their computer if someone needs it for coursework.
  4. Everyone should get a good mid-term grade vogrnipid ttha they hand in all their work on time.
  5. The main retncopiinsod for a healthy economy are controlled consumer spending and low unemployment.
  6. (Notice on a fire alarm): ni eacs fo fire, break glass.
  7. ni het nvete fo a tie between the two teams in tonight’s game, there will be a replay on Saturday afternoon.
  8. We agreed to sign the contract, the only aputonstili being that it would run for at least five years.
  9. The teachers have nidncoalitoun trust in their students: they know they will do their best at all times, even if things get difficult.
  10. sumsagin hatt the flight is on time, we will meet you at LaGuardia airport at ten o’clock.
  11. His argument was based no teh autonmsspi hatt people are basically decent and honest.
  12. Good language skills are one of the quereesisitpr for a job in an international organization.
  13. Before you accept a job, it is important that you agree with the remst and ioctnsodin set out in the contract.
  14. It is a nmreiretque of the college that students attend at least 95% of their course and complete all their assignments on time.
  15. If you have a query, please telephone us at the number above. niifagl ttha, send us a fax or email.
  16. We need to involve at least 20 people on this project, ehewotris it can’t go ahead.

Correct Answers:

  1. As long as
  2. Unless
  3. on condition that (that = optional)
  4. providing that (that = optional. We can also say provided that)
  5. preconditions
  6. In case of (note that in this particular expression, we do not say In case of a fire. In other situations, an article or pronoun would be needed after in case of)
  7. in the event of
  8. stipulation
  9. unconditional
  10. Assuming that (that = optional)
  11. on the assumption that (that = optional)
  12. prerequisites
  13. terms / conditions
  14. requirement
  15. Failing that (that is needed here, as it refers back to the previous sentence. Failing that means that if the first option – telephoning us – is not possible, you should try the second option – send us an email)
  16. otherwise
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