Opposites: Adjectives – Practice Exercise

Opposite Adjectives

Opposites, also known as antonyms, are words that express contrary or contrasting meanings. When it comes to adjectives, opposites provide a way to describe characteristics, qualities, or states in contrasting terms.

Replace the adjectives in bold in sentences 1 – 28 with a word or expression from the box which has an opposite meaning in the same context.

approximate * archaic * artificial * clear * commonplace * compulsory * considerable * crude * delicate * detrimental * dim * easy * even * feasible * flexible * graceful * innocent * intricate * negligible * problematic * scarce * smooth * reluctant * spontaneous * tedious * vibrant * worthless * worthwhile

  1. The meaning of his words was very ambiguous.
  2. According to his colleagues, he’s a very awkward person to deal with.
  3. When she first started dancing, she was very awkward.
  4. His policies were beneficial to the economy as a whole.
  5. We need exact figures before we embark on a new venture.
  6. The jury decided he was guilty of the crime.
  7. Add up all the odd numbers between 1 and 20 to get a result.
  8. Despite the weather, supplies of food after the harvest were plentiful.
  9. The laws restricting pollution in the city are very rigid.
  10. There is a slight difference in the way the company is run these days compared with a few years ago.
  11. The device is very sophisticated and should only be operated by someone who is familiar with it.
  12. The spices used in the production of some international dishes have a very strong flavor.
  13. The bright light from the flashlight picked out details on the walls of the cave.
  14. Attendance at afternoon classes should be voluntary.
  15. A lot of students are willing to attend classes on Saturday morning.
  16. Newspapers are saying a lot about the country’s modern licensing laws.
  17. Many students believe that doing voluntary work for charities is a pointless cause.
  18. The country displayed all the features of a stagnant economy.
  19. Her lectures are extremely interesting.
  20. Planned demonstrations and strikes took place all over the city.
  21. The plans they presented were simple and well written.
  22. A close study of the painting by experts revealed it to be priceless.
  23. The new rules had a profound impact on everyone’s behavior.
  24. What you are asking me to do is quite impossible.
  25. Contrary to what many people think, this is a very rare event.
  26. Organizing a fundraising event can be surprisingly simple.
  27. From a distance, the surface of the planet appears to be very rough.
  28. The confectionery contained several flavors, all of them natural.


  1. clear
  2. easy
  3. graceful
  4. detrimental
  5. approximate
  6. innocent
  7. even
  8. scarce
  9. flexible
  10. considerable
  11. crude
  12. delicate
  13. dim
  14. compulsory
  15. reluctant
  16. archaic
  17. worthwhile
  18. vibrant
  19. tedious
  20. spontaneous
  21. intricate
  22. worthless
  23. negligible
  24. feasible
  25. commonplace
  26. problematic
  27. smooth
  28. artificial
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