Idioms and Colloquialisms – Make the Right Connection

Right Expressions

Connect the first part of each sentence in the first box on this page with the second half in the second box on the next page. Use the correct  expressions to help you make the connection.

A. big on science; I’ve always preferred the arts. 1. If you come late, could you please let me______
B. the ground. 2. I was rather unhappy when she made a______
C. whole it’s really good. 3. The project was more or__________
D. start, isn’t it? 4. I just need to complete this essay, and then my coursework will be over once and___________
E. all you’ve got and hope for the best. 5. His lectures are generally really dull, but once in_________
F. for all. It’ll be a real relief. 6. I’ve never been too__________
G. mind, making a stupid decision like that. 7. There are parts of the course which are a bit boring, but on the_________________
H. step until you’ve finished. 8. Don’t try to do everything at once. Try to do things step by___________
I. up when I try to describe it on paper. 9. There’s a chance that sooner or_________________
J. the other when I see my exam results. 10. When you first start a new job, it can take a while to learn the_________
K. care of it at the earliest opportunity. 11. I know you have a lot of work, but look on the bright___________
L. leg. Right? 12. The President can’t be in his right________
M. my mind about attending Professor Malkovich’s course. 13. You shouldn’t go over his________
N. for it and see what happens. 14. You’re kidding. You’re pulling my________
O. meet when you’re a student on a low income. 15. It can be difficult to make ends_____________
P. later the students will demand some real changes. 16. Try to make the most of your________
Q. ropes and become familiar with the way things work. 17. I asked Ron to get the computer fixed, and he promised to take____________
R. head and make your own decisions. 18. I understand the theory, but I get mixed________
S. point of reminding me about my previous bad grades. 19. Don’t worry about the exam. Just give it___________
T. less complete when someone pointed out they had missed some details. 20. I’m not sure whether to take a vacation this summer. I’ll decide one way or_______
U. know in advance. 21. I wasn’t sure whether to apply for a Ph.D. course, but in the end I decided to go_____
V. time when you’re in New York. 22. I got a grade A for my first assignment of the year. That’s a good______
W. side; at least you won’t get bored this weekend! 23. For years he was ignored, then all at______
X. a while there’s something of interest. 24. Many people believe that it’s about_________
Y. time more money was invested in education. 25. I’ve changed_______
Z. once, people began paying attention to what he had to say. 26. He had some excellent plans, but they never really got off__________

Correct Answers:

  1. U
  2. S
  3. T
  4. F
  5. X
  6. A
  7. C
  8. H
  9. P
  10. Q
  11. W
  12. G
  13. R
  14. L
  15. O
  16. V
  17. K
  18. I
  19. E
  20. J
  21. N
  22. D
  23. Z
  24. Y
  25. M
  26. B
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