List of World’s Incredible Animals

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The earth is full of small and big animals. It is surprising that some of these extraordinary and unbelievable creatures exist on Earth, of which we are also unaware.

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Today we are talking about the world’s incredible animals that you must have seen but you may not know about their specialties, so let’s know about some such creatures:

1 Smallest Pygmy goby 7.5 mm long
2 Largest Whale Shark 12 m long, 43 tonnes
3 Longest Oarfish 14 m long
4 Fastest Sailfish 10 km/hr
5 Longest Stick insect upto 400 mm long
6 Largest Goliath beettle 110 mm long, 100 gm
7 Smallest Fairy fly 0.02 mm long
8 Largest Southeast Asian Crocodile Up to 5 m long
9 Tallest Galapagos giant tortoise 1.2 m tall
10 Smallest Gecko 18 mm long
11 Biggest lizard Komodo dragon 3 m long
12 Longest snake Reticulated Python Over 9 m long
13 Biggest Ostrich 2.6 m tall
14 Smallest Bee humming bird 57 mm long
15 Fastest Peregrine falcon Upto 350 km/hr
16 Fastest swimmer Gentoo penguin 27 km/hour
17 Largest wingspan Wandering albatross 3.5 m wide
18 Biggest Egg Ostrich egg Up to 20 cm across
19 Biggest Blue whale 33 m long, 190 tonnes
20 Biggest land mammal African bush elephant 4 m tall, 12 tonnes
21 Tallest Giraffe 6 m tall
22 Smallest land mammal Etruscan shrew under 50 mm long
23 Fastest land mammal Cheetah 100 km per hour
24 Fastest marine mammal Killer whale 55 km/hour
25 Smallest marine mammal Bumblebee bat Under 2 gm
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