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Get to know the scientists that changed the world as we know it though their major contributions and discoveries. There is no doubt that all the scientific discoveries and inventions to date have revolutionized every aspect of our life. It has strongly influenced the way we think and the way we lead our lives. Owing to scientific inventions, we were able to find answers to the questions which we thought we could never answer.

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A scientist is someone who explores the nature of the universe. Our history is full of stories of famous inventors, who are often national heroes such as Newton, in almost every case they were just the first people to improve an existing system to the final stage where it achieved mass appeal.

Given below is a list of discoveries that includes 34 famous scientists and their discoveries along with the their country of origin.

S.No. Name Major Contributions / Discovery Country of Origin
1 Archimedes Principle of buoyancy: Principle of the lever Greece
2 Galileo Galilei Law of inertia Italy
3 Christiaan Huygens Wave theory of light Holland
4 Isacc Newton Universal law of gravitation: Laws of motion: Reflecting telescope U.K.
5 Michael Faraday Laws of electromagnetic induction U.K.
6 James Clerk Maxwell Electromagnetic theory: Light-an electromagnetic wave U.K.
7 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Generation of electromagnetic waves Germany
8 J.C. Bose Ultra short radio waves India
9 W.K. Roentgen X-rays Germany
10 J.J. Thomson Electron U.K.
11 Marie Sklodowska Curie Discovery of radium and polonium: Studies on natural radioactivity Poland
12 Albert Einstien Explanation of photoelectric effect: Theory of relativity Germany
13 Victor Francis Hess Cosmic radiation Austria
14 R.A. Millikan Measurement of electronic charge U.S.A.
15 Ernest Rutherford Nuclear model of atom New Zealand
16 Niels Bohr Quantum model of hydrogen atom Denmark
17 C.V. Raman Inelastic scattering of light by molecules India
18 Louis Victor de Borglie Wave nature of matter France
19 M.N. Saha Thermal ionisation India
20 S.N. Bose Quantum statistics India
21 Wolfgang Pauli Exclusion principle Austria
22 Enrico Fermi Controlled nuclear fission Italy
23 Werner Heisenberg Quantum mechanics: Uncertainty principle Germany
24 Paul Dirac Relativistic theory of electron: Quantum statistics U.K.
25 Edwin Hubble Expanding universe U.S.A.
26 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Cyclotron U.S.A.
27 James Chadwick Neutron U.K.
28 Hideki Yukawa Theory of nuclear forces Japan
29 Homi Jehangir Bhabha Cascade process of cosmic radiation India
30 Lev Davidovich Landau Theory of condensed matter: Liquid helium Russia
31 S. Chandrasekhar Chandrasekhar limit, structure and evolution of stars India
32 John Bardeen Transistors: Theory of super conductivity U.S.A.
33 C.H. Townes Maser: Laser U.S.A.
34 Abdus Salam Unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions Pakistan
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