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Vocabulary Exercise Eduhyme Correct

Many candidates preparing for IELTS, study countless hours learning hundreds of obscure high-level words, but they never realize something very important. The IELTS test is designed so that high-level vocabulary is usually not central to the information being transmitted. This means that you don’t need to know most of these words for the exam, you only need to learn how to understand the general message based on the context.

IELTS is designed to test your real ability in English and collocations are a big part of this, so they are very common in the reading and listening parts of the exam. Collocations are usually packed with meaning and this is why native speakers use them so often in
real English.

Because collocations are full of meaning, it’s often extremely difficult to understand them from context, so you must learn them for the exam. When the IELTS examiners write the exam, they use collocations to test your real ability to understand English.

If you want to get a higher band score in the IELTS test, instead of focusing on obscure high-level language, you need to focus on what the examiners are focusing on!

Test your knowledge – put the correct collocation in the blank. You might need to change the form of the words.

  1. After having two bad interviews, Clara was nervous about_____________.
  2. That restaurant is great! We go there_____________.
  3. She has to kill all the spiders in the house because her son is ____________them.
  4. If you want to succeed in your exams, you have to be ____________. It requires constant dedication and hard work.
  5. She received a raise due to her _____________ performance.
  6. You have to _______ if you want to leave work early.
  7. The woman was so excited about her ___________ that she couldn’t sleep the night before. (Her wedding started at 2pm).
  8. The new hiree was very experienced so he already knew the marketing _____________ .
  9. I trust her a lot because she has never ______________ to me.
  10. She bought an elegant evening dress for the ____________ event.
  11. He waited for 10 minutes in ______________before he saw his bag on the carousel.
  12. I prefer to take the ______ on road trips because they are always more scenic.
  13. They got along very well because of their _________in stamp collecting.
  14. The sweater _______ in four colours.
  15. I didn’t go to work because I _______ over the weekend.
  16. She has a very ______ attitude. She’s very positive and resilient.
  17. Instead of taking the bus, we decided to _______.
  18. My office is throwing a ______ if you would like to join me.
  19. She was unable to ________ her busy schedule because she had too many meetings and appointments.
  20. He always ____ on the weekends when he wasn’t working.
  21. Hairdressers rarely have the same ______ as they work usually work on the weekends.
  22. As children, they almost never ate in the ______ except at Christmas and other holidays.
  23. It was clear that the artist _____ from the works of Monet and Degas.
  24. I need to ______because I don’t have any clean socks.
  25. The family tried to _____as much as possible as it is healthier.
  26. _____ of technology usually remain loyal to the brand.
  27. She has the ______ of her mother.
  28. Anna left the bar at seven because she wanted an _____.
  29. An ________ is very energy efficient.
  30. I would even accept an _____; I need the money.
  31. The _____movie is not shown on airplanes, as it’s too long for most short flights.
  32. He likes to read sci-fi and horror novels in his _______.
  33. Her birthday will be the _______.
  34. I usually watch TV before I ______.
  35. It was good to see a _______ at the party because I didn’t know many people.
  36. The children were excited about their ________to the art museum.
  37. Anna wished Eric ________ before he went on his business trip.
  38. I will give you the money when I ________on Friday.
  39. The little girl was very proud of her _______ in school.
  40. The company has decided to ______ in order to seem more eco-conscious.
  41. You have to interview before you can _______ at a company.
  42. I need to ______ a lot of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore.
  43. The price nearly doubled after the ______ were taken into account.
  44. The _______ caused all of the flowers to wilt.
  45. We always take a trip to a ______ for Halloween.
  46. Can you _______? I am ready to go home.
  47. Donald Trump is the only president who has never ________ before.
  48. _____ of current events, the company has decided to change their business strategy.
  49. I am part of an ______ that advocates for animal rights.
  50. The problem with the computer system required ______ from the engineering team.
  51. The storm caused _____ to the house.
  52. All of the animals stood _____ waiting to be fed.
  53. Don’t ________. You don’t have enough information about this topic to decide.
  54. She is very nervous about her first ______.
  55. Too much _____ will ruin your health.
  56. If I receive an email I’m not interested in, I usually send it to the ________ folder.
  57. Maria and Jack just opened up their own _______ together.
  58. The restaurant is ________its modern Italian food.
  59. She tries to ______ by running and biking every day as well as not eating fatty foods.
  60. Before we let it rise, we have to _____for five minutes using extra flour. _
  61. I have never been able to ________, I tell my husband everything.
  62. Take a left and _______ past the red house on the left.
  63. I was _______that the office would be closed tomorrow.
  64. We want to buy a new couch for the _______.
  65. Although she used to love painting, she seems to have ______in it.
  66. Christmas is a time to visit ______ in traditionally Christian countries.
  67. This watch ________, it never breaks.
  68. I always ____ as soon as I wake up.
  69. Lots of people like her, so it’s easy for her to _____.
  70. You have to ____ about whether you will stay here or go home for the holiday.
  71. _____ would cost a lot of money as you would need to rebook your next flight.
  72. Children aren’t very neat and tidy, and they tend to _______.
  73. The field trip was cancelled due to the ______.
  74. The contract was made _____ after the company decided not to move forward with the merger.
  75. That office is ______ here. You need to drive 30 minutes to get there.
  76. My ______is English, I don’t know any other languages.
  77. The earthquake was an unprecedented ________. It caused a massive amount of damage.
  78. Meetings always start _____ at my office.
  79. We’ve passed the deadline so we’re ______.
  80. My parents ____to the bank for the house.
  81. The _____ of the painting makes me think of the sea.
  82. Back pain is an ________of construction work.
  83. I like ______ after the noise and stress of work.
  84. Please gather all of your _________ before leaving the airplane.
  85. She likes to _______ red because it is her favourite colour.
  86. I would like to ______to my aunt because she is in the hospital.
  87. The company has received _______ after the controversial news came out.
  88. I want to get a ______ (to eat) before the movie. I’m starving.
  89. The ______ department needs to be alerted because there have been some complaints.
  90. I haven’t enjoyed working in this company for months, so I might ______.
  91. Let’s have a ________ and stay at home.
  92. Many people want to live here because of the excellent ______.
  93. The ____flight leaves at 9pm.
  94. I hate ______ because it is difficult to drive in all the water
  95. I wanted to leave early in order to avoid (the) ____traffic.
  96. She _____ to her boss about not making enough money.
  97. With _____and a good diet it is easy to be healthy.
  98. My sister sleeps in the _____when she comes to visit.
  99. I have a _______ after speaking all weekend at the conference.
  100. She often has to _______ because she can’t leave work during the day.
  101. The curtains won’t protect us from the sun because they’re ______.
  102. I am cooking more at home in order to ________.
  103. It is clear that the long hours at work are ________ on her health.
  104. My two-year old son is just learning how to _______ using an analogue clock.
  105. All of the students at the school must _______ to graduate.
  106. The angry patron _______ after the manager refused to help her.
  107. I always use my phone’s camera to _______.
  108. After eating too much food, you may have an________.
  109. Buying a ______ is cheaper than buying a new one.
  110. I knew she was _______ something because she was crying.
  111. Some people view being wealthy as an _______ in life.
  112. He had to _________in order to repair his ligament.
  113. The hospital’s _______ are from 9am to 5pm.
  114. She only had a _______of where she might have lost her keys.
  115. It is important to _________ in meetings.
  116. The _______ of people spend their free time watching series and chatting on social media.
  117. They took a ______ around the bar after they won trivia night.
  118. My father always _______ early, even on the weekend.
  119. If I _______, I would buy a new house.
  120. The _____ is broken so my clothes are in the sink.
  121. Can you ______ after work? He has been inside all day.
  122. She doesn’t like to ________ being on social media.
  123. My friend was late _____, so I left the party without her,
  124. Can ______please bring some snacks?
  125. The _______ over there is the one who helped me.
  126. Her company’s ______ is in April.

Answer Key:

  1. applying for a job
  2. all the time
  3. afraid of
  4. all in
  5. above average
  6. ask for permission
  7. big day
  8. best practices
  9. broken a promise
  10. black tie
  11. baggage claim
  12. back roads
  13. common interest
  14. came in (or ‘comes in’)
  15. caught a cold
  16. can do
  17. call a cab
  18. cocktail party
  19. deal with
  20. did housework
  21. days off
  22. dining room
  23. drew heavily
  24. do laundry
  25. eat in
  26. early adopters
  27. exact likeness
  28. early night
  29. electric car
  30. entry-level job
  31. full length
  32. free time
  33. following month
  34. fall asleep
  35. friendly face
  36. field trip
  37. good luck
  38. get paid
  39. good grades
  40. go green
  41. get hired
  42. get rid of
  43. hidden fees
  44. high temperature
  45. haunted house
  46. hail a cab
  47. held office
  48. In light of
  49. interest group
  50. immediate action
  51. irreparable damage
  52. in a row
  53. jump to conclusions
  54. job interview
  55. Junk food
  56. junk mail
  57. joint account
  58. known for
  59. keep fit
  60. knead the dough
  61. keep a secret
  62. keep going
  63. led to believe
  64. living room
  65. lost interest
  66. loved ones
  67. lasts forever
  68. make the bed
  69. make friends
  70. make a decision
  71. missing a connection
  72. make a mess
  73. nasty weather
  74. null and void
  75. nowhere near
  76. native language
  77. natural disaster
  78. on time
  79. out of time
  80. owe money
  81. overall effect
  82. occupational hazard
  83. peace and quiet
  84. personal belongings
  85. paint her nails
  86. pay a visit
  87. push back
  88. quick bite
  89. quality control
  90. quit my job
  91. quiet night (in)
  92. quality of life
  93. red eye
  94. rainy days
  95. rush hour
  96. raised concerns
  97. regular exercise
  98. spare room
  99. sore throat
  100. skip lunch
  101. see through
  102. save money
  103. taking a toll
  104. tell time
  105. take a test
  106. threw a tantrum
  107. take photos
  108. upset stomach
  109. used car
  110. upset about
  111. unfair advantage
  112. undergo surgery
  113. visiting hours
  114. vague memory
  115. voice your opinion
  116. vast majority
  117. victory lap
  118. wakes up
  119. won the lottery
  120. washing machine
  121. walk the dog
  122. waste time
  123. yet again
  124. you guys
  125. young man
  126. yearly review
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