English Grammar Eduhyme

Deciphering Language: Tell Vs. Say Vs. Ask

Language is a rich tapestry of words, each with its own nuanced meaning and usage. Among the multitude of words in the English language, “tell,” “say,” and “ask” hold a distinct place. These…

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English Grammar Tag Questions Eduhyme

Understanding Tag Questions in English Grammar

Tag questions, a common feature of English grammar, are short questions attached to statements to seek confirmation, agreement, or disagreement. They consist of a pronoun, an auxiliary verb, and a negation, if required….

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English Grammar Words Eduhyme

Basic English Grammar Terminology: 100 Phrases To Know

English grammar is the system of rules that governs the structure of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences in the English language. It helps us to communicate clearly and effectively, and to understand written…

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Vocabulary Exercise Eduhyme Correct

Vocabulary – Correct Collocation – Fill in the Blanks with Answers

Many candidates preparing for IELTS, study countless hours learning hundreds of obscure high-level words, but they never realize something very important. The IELTS test is designed so that high-level vocabulary is usually not…

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Tenses Quiz MCQ Eduhyme

200+ Tenses MCQs – Test Your Knowledge

This tenses quiz tests your knowledge of a mix of tenses related to the past, present, and future. Read the sentence then decide which word or phrase fits correctly in the gap. You…

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English Grammar Parts of Speech Eduhyme

The 8 Parts of Speech – English Grammar

One of the key English skills that all students know is that you need a large vocabulary. But how do you learn new words? Most importantly, you don’t learn them in isolation. You…

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