Idioms Work

Idioms and Other Expressions Used For Talking About ‘Work’

Exercise 1: Choose the best definition, (a) or (b), to explain the idiom or other expression in bold in these sentences. 1. Sue has always been a high-flier. (a) Someone who has achieved…

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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Other Expressions Using ‘CUT’

Exercise 1: Replace the words and expressions in bold with a phrasal verb. You will need to use some of the phrasal verbs more than once. cut across * cut back on *…

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Idioms Money

Idioms and Other Expressions Used For Talking About Money

Exercise 1: Look at the idioms in bold in sentences 1 – 22, and decide if the people: (A) have a lot of money. (B) have very little or no money. 1. Steve…

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Idioms Personality

Idioms and Other Expressions For Describing Character and Personality

The words and expressions in the box can all be used informally to describe different kinds of people. Use them to complete sentences 1 – 35. Note that many of the words /…

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Right Expressions

Idioms and Colloquialisms – Make the Right Connection

Connect the first part of each sentence in the first box on this page with the second half in the second box on the next page. Use the correct  expressions to help you…

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Idioms and Colloquialisms – 5 in 1 Exercises With Answers

Idioms and colloquialisms (spoken expressions) are a common feature of the TOEFL Listening Comprehension. There are a lot of them, and each one has to be learnt individually. Often, but not always, it…

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Business Idioms

Business Idioms – Practice Test Questions with Answers

In the dynamic realm of business, effective communication is paramount. Not only does it facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, but it also fosters strong professional relationships and drives organizational success. Within…

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The Idioms That We Can Use Instead of I’m Happy

Happiness is a universal emotion that we all experience in various ways. While saying, “I’m happy,” is a straightforward expression, the English language offers a myriad of idioms that can vividly convey the…

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Idioms and Phrases

15 Common English Idioms and Phrases

Language is a fascinating tapestry of expressions, and idioms add a colorful dimension to it. These figurative phrases often convey meanings that go beyond the literal interpretation of the words. Here are 15…

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Color Idioms Eduhyme

27 Color Idioms – Their Meanings and Examples

Idioms are an essential part of any language, adding richness, depth, and cultural significance. These colorful expressions often have origins rooted in historical events, folklore, or simply the imaginative nature of human language….

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Food Idioms Eduhyme

Exploring the Meanings and Examples of Food Idioms

Language is often filled with colorful expressions and idioms that add flavor to our conversations. One fascinating category of idioms revolves around food. These food idioms are rooted in culinary experiences and have…

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Geography and Weather Idioms Eduhyme

Geography and Weather Idioms You Need To Know

Language is a fascinating aspect of human culture, often reflecting our experiences and observations of the world around us. Idioms, in particular, provide unique insights into the way we perceive and interpret various…

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Clothing Idioms Eduhyme

Clothing Idioms: Expressions That Go Beyond Fashion

Language is a fascinating aspect of human communication, filled with colorful idioms and expressions that add flair and depth to our conversations. One area where idioms thrive is in the world of clothing….

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100 Important Idioms Eduhyme

100 Important Idioms and Their Meanings

Idioms are an integral part of any language, adding color and depth to our expressions. These phrases, which often have figurative meanings beyond their literal interpretations, are essential to understanding the nuances of…

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Important Idioms Eduhyme

241 Important Idioms With Their Meanings

Idioms are expressions or phrases that have figurative meanings beyond their literal interpretations. These linguistic gems add color, depth, and cultural significance to our language. Understanding idioms is crucial for effective communication and…

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Essential Phrases and Words Eduhyme

Essential Phrases and Idioms for the Topic of Work

When preparing for the IELTS Speaking test, it’s crucial to have a strong grasp of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions related to various topics. Work is a common subject that often arises in conversations,…

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Important Idioms English Eduhyme

25 Important Idioms You Must Know

An idiom is a phrase or expression that has a meaning that is different from the meanings of each individual word. Idioms are a type of figurative language that can be used to…

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Idioms and Phrases Eduhyme

[English] Commonly Used Idioms and Phrases

English idioms, proverbs, and expressions are an important part of everyday English. They come up all the time in both written and spoken English. Because idioms don’t always make sense literally, you’ll need…

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Idioms Meaning Examples Categories Eduhyme English learning Grammar

7 Categories of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Learning English isn’t as easy as some might think. First, grammar muddies the waters, and idiomatic expressions only add fuel to the fire. Native English speakers love using them in conversation, and you’ll…

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Essential Idioms English Eduhyme

[English] 500+ Essential IDIOMS For IELTS Speaking

This article is well designed and written by an experienced native teacher from the USA who has been teaching IELTS for over 10 years. Also Read: In this article, more than 500 essential…

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