Food and Diet – Choose Correct Words and Expressions

Food Diet Words

Complete definitions and sentences 1 – 12 with words and expressions from the box. You will not need all of the words and expressions from the box.

allergy * allergic * anorexia * balanced diet * bulimia * calcium * calories * carbohydrates * cholesterol * consume * consumption * diabetes * diet (noun + verb) * eating disorder * exercise * fast food * fat * fat farm * fiber * food group * food intolerance * food poisoning * free range * genetically modified (GM) * harvest * health food * heart disease * junk food * listeria malnutrition * malnourished * minerals * monounsaturated * nutrition * nutritious * obese * obesity organic * overweight * protein * salmonella * saturated * scarce * scarcity * underweight * vegan * veganism * vegetarian * vegetarianism * vitamins

1. _____________ are the parts of fruit, vegetables and grains that your body cannot digest, and helps food to pass through your body. _____________ is the oil found in food, and there are three main types of this: _____________, polyunsaturated, and _____________.

2. _____________ are units used for measuring how much energy you get from food. _____________ is a substance found in food such as eggs, milk, and meat that people need in order to grow and be healthy. _____________ is a white chemical element that is an important part of bones and teeth, and is found in food products such as eggs, milk, and cheese. _____________ are found in foods such as sugar, bread, and potatoes, and supply your body with heat and energy.

3. People who weigh more than they should often go on a _____________ to help them lose weight. Some of them may go to a _____________, an informal expression for a place where people can go to try to lose weight by eating in a healthy way and doing lots of _____________.

4. _____________ food is food which is produced without using artificial chemicals. _____________ food is food produced from animals which are allowed to move around and feed naturally. _____________ food is food that has been produced from a plant or animal that has had its gene structure changed in order to make it more productive or resistant to disease.

5. People who eat too much, or who don’t eat enough (often because they think they look fat), suffer from a medical condition known generally as an _____________. Examples of this include _____________ and _____________.

6. A _____________ is someone who doesn’t eat meat. A _____________ is someone who doesn’t eat meat or other products derived from animals (including cheese and milk).

7. _____________ is food that is made very quickly, especially food like burgers and pizzas that you can take out. It is sometimes called _____________, because it is often not very healthy or _____________.

8. Someone who is heavier than they should be is _____________. If they are a lot heavier than they should be, they are _____________. The noun is _____________. This can result in _____________, cancer, _____________, and many other serious illnesses.

9. E-coli, _____________, and _____________ are three kinds of _____________.

10. Meat, vegetables, and dairy products are three of the main _____________.

11. If you eat a _____________, you eat the correct amounts of the right sorts of food; you do not eat too much of one particular sort of food.

12. People who have a _____________ are unable to eat certain kinds of food because it has a negative effect on them (although it will not affect them seriously). People with an  ____________ to certain kinds of food must avoid them, as the effects may be much more serious (for example, if someone who is _____________ to peanuts eats something with peanuts in, it might kill them).


  1. Fiber (spelt fibre in British English) / fat / saturated / monosaturated
  2. Calories / Protein / Calcium / Carbohydrates
  3. diet / fat farm / exercise
  4. Organic / Free range / Genetically modified (GM)
  5. eating disorder / bulimia / anorexia (these last two in either order)
  6. vegetarian / vegan
  7. Fast food / junk food / nutritious
  8. overweight / obese / obesity / diabetes / heart disease
  9. salmonella / listeria (in either order) / food poisoning
  10. food groups
  11. balanced diet
  12. food intolerance / allergy / allergic
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