Decide Which one is Correct – United Kingdom (UK) Topic


These exercises contain an eclectic range of words, names, places, etc, connected with the UK.

For each word or expression below, two definitions are given, (a) and (b): one is genuine, and one is nonsense. Decide which one is correct in each case.

1. The Archers is / are:
(a) A division of soldiers who have special responsibility for guarding the monarch (the King or Queen).
(b) The title of a popular, long-running radio soap opera.

2. Auld Lang Syne is:
(a) A song that is traditionally sung at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
(b) The ancient right of pedestrian access across privately-owned land.

3. Balmoral is:
(a) The name of one of the Queen’s residences in Scotland.
(b) A traditional British sport, which combines elements of tennis and cricket.

4. Ben Nevis is:
(a) The name of the leader of the Scottish Parliament.
(b) The name of the highest mountain in the UK.

5. The Big Four is:
(a) The collective name given to the UK’s largest banks.
(b) A nickname for the Beatles, a successful pop group from the 1960s.

6. A chippy is:
(a) An unemployed person.
(b) An informal word for a fish and chip shop.

7. A constable is:
(a) A lower-ranking policeman or policewoman.
(b) An administrative region in the UK (similar to a council or borough).

8. A council house is:
(a) A house owned by the local council, for which tenants pay a low rent.
(b) The main administrative building where a council has its offices.

9. Corrie is:
(a) An affectionate name for British television’s longest-running soap opera, Coronation Street.
(b) An affectionate name given to anyone who comes from Wales.

10. A cuppa is:
(a) An informal word for a cup of tea.
(b) An informal word for a policeman / woman.

11. Crufts is:
(a) The name of a competition for dogs that takes place every year in the UK.
(b) An informal word for people who are members of the upper classes.

12. D.I.Y. is:
(a) A government department that promotes cooperation between young people in the UK and abroad (The Department for International Youth).
(b) The activity of making or repairing things for your house (do-it-yourself).

13. Eton is:
(a) A cheap traditional dish made from the parts of a cow that are normally thrown away (similar to a hamburger).
(b) The name of a famous public school near Windsor.

14. A fiver is:
(a) An informal word for a typical working week (ie, five days a week, from nine to five).
(b) An informal word for a five pound (£5) note.

15. A G and T is:
(a) A popular alcoholic drink (a gin and toni(c).
(b) An informal expression for an unskilled worker (a general and trade).

16. God Save the Queen is:
(a) The name of the UK’s national anthem.
(b) The motto of the UK.

17. A green belt is:
(a) An academic qualification awarded to people who complete a degree course when they are fifty or older.
(b) An area of countryside surrounding a large town or city, and which cannot be built on.

18. A guide dog is:
(a) The informal name given to a government adviser who helps member of the Cabinet make a decision.
(b) A specially trained dog that helps blind people to become more independent.

19. The gutter press is:
(a) A derogatory nickname given to some of the popular newspapers that report gossip and scandal rather than news.
(b) An informal name given to the national obsession for following strange diets in order to lose weight.

20. The Home Counties are:
(a) The counties where the Queen has one of her official residences.
(b) The counties that surround London.

21. A jumble sale is:
(a) A transaction in which the government sells off national industries to other countries.
(b) An event where people raise money by selling old things that they don’t want any more.

22. A kilt is:
(a) An item of clothing traditionally worn by Scots.
(b) A loud party involving lots of singing and dancing, usually as part of a national celebration.

23. A lollipop lady or man is:
(a) A woman or man who looks after people’s children when they are at work.
(b) A woman or man whose job is to help children cross the road safely (usually when they are going to or from school).

24. A milkman is:
(a) An informal word for a man who is not married (and usually still lives at home with his parents).
(b) Someone whose job it is to deliver milk to people’s houses on a regular basis.

25. Ms is / are:
(a) The letters that are written after the name of someone who has obtained a Master of Sciences degree.
(b) A formal title that is used in front of a woman’s surname when speaking to, or writing to, her when we don’t know whether or not she is married.

26. Nessie is:
(a) A popular nickname for Elizabeth, the Queen of the UK.
(b) A popular nickname for the Loch Ness Monster, a legendary monster that lives in a lake in Scotland.

27. An offie is:
(a) An informal word for a day off from work taken by someone who is pretending that he / she is ill.
(b) An informal word for an off licence (a shop that sells alcohol to take away).

28. The Old Bailey is:
(a) A common name for the Central Criminal Court in London.
(b) The name of the UK’s longest-running newspaper.

29. The Old Bill (or sometimes just the Bill) is:
(a) A nickname for the police.
(b) A nickname for the Bank of England.

30. Oxbridge is:
(a) An informal word for anyone who has been to (and graduated from) university or another form of higher education.
(b) The collective name for the two famous universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

31. Oxfam is:
(a) A government-backed organisation that helps British farmers get more money for their products.
(b) A charity organisation that raises money for poor people in other countries.

32. Planning permission is:
(a) The official permission a couple need if they want to have more than two children.
(b) The permission that is needed from a local authority before carrying out certain kinds of building work.

33. A quid is:
(a) A very informal word for a pound (£).
(b) An informal word for a child.

34. Recess is:
(a) The long period during the summer when Parliament stops meeting.
(b) The period between one political party losing a general election, and a new political party taking over.

35. Scotch is:
(a) Scottish whisky.
(b) A Scottish person.

36. A senior citizen is:
(a) Someone who is more than 60 years old.
(b) Any member of the Royal Family.

37. Speaker’s Corner is:
(a) The name of a popular political television programme.
(b) A place in London where ordinary people can speak freely and publicly on any subject they like.

38. Stilton is:
(a) The period of the year between January 1st and Easter.
(b) A strong-smelling cheese that is often eaten at Christmas.

39. A tenner is:
(a) An informal word for a ten pound (£10) note.
(b) An informal word for a man or woman who is good at everything he / she does.

40. A Tory is:
(a) A slightly derogatory name for a member of the Conservative Party, or one if its supporters.
(b) A town or village that has no political representation in an election.

41. Ulster is:
(a) Another name for the Republic of Ireland, used especially by Irish nationalists.
(b) Another name for Northern Ireland, used especially by Irish unionists.

42. V.A.T. is:
(a) A tax on goods and services (Value Added Tax).
(b) A famous sporting trophy for which universities compete (The Varsity Association Trophy)

43. A vicar is:
(a) A public protest against government action.
(b) A priest in the Church of England.

44. Wellies are:
(a) People who cannot decide who to vote for in an election (from the word “Well…”).
(b) Rubber boots (properly called Wellingtons) which do not let water in.

45. A whip is:
(a) Someone in a political party whose job is to make certain that other members go where they are needed and vote in the correct way.
(b) A member of a political party who rebels against that party or one of its policies.

Correct Answers:

  1.  b
  2. a
  3. a
  4. b
  5. a
  6. b
  7. a
  8. a
  9. a
  10. a
  11. a
  12. b
  13. b
  14. b
  15. a
  16. a
  17. b
  18. b
  19. a
  20. b
  21. b
  22. a
  23. b
  24. b
  25. b
  26. b
  27. b
  28. a
  29. a
  30. b
  31. b
  32. b
  33. a
  34. a
  35. a
  36. a
  37. b
  38. b
  39. a
  40. a
  41. b
  42. a
  43. b
  44. b
  45. a
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