Complete The Sentences Using Nouns or Verbs

Nouns or Verbs

Most of the words in the tasks above can be either nouns or verbs. Use them to complete the following sentences. If the word is a verb, you will need to change its form.

  1. He ________ in surprise when he saw the bill.
  2. The crowds ________ anti-government slogans.
  3. His loud ________ (plural) kept her awake.
  4. The crowd ________ when the first marathon runners appeared.
  5. She rushed into the police station and ________ out ‘he’s – he’s – he’s after me, he’s got – got – a knife’
  6. We heard a faint ________ from the corner of the field and found an injured lamb.
  7. The lion ________ and then attacked.
  8. The dog ________ every time he hears the postman.
  9. He ________ his fingers to get the waiter’s attention.
  10. He drives around with his radio ________ .
  11. The wet logs ________ as we threw them on the fire.
  12. He was red in the face and ________ as he crossed the finishing line.
  13. She gave a deep ________ of relief and put the phone down.
  14. The cat rubbed against my leg with a loud ________.

Correct Answers:

  1. gasped
  2. chanted
  3. snores
  4. cheered
  5. stammered
  6. bleat
  7. roared
  8. barks
  9. clicked
  10. blaring
  11. sizzled / popped
  12. puffing / panting
  13. sigh
  14. purr
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