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Common Adverbs and Prepositions Eduhyme

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They provide additional information about the manner, time, place, degree, or frequency of the action or description expressed by the verb, adjective, or adverb they modify. Adverbs help to add further detail and specificity to sentences, clarifying and enhancing the meaning of the words they modify. Some common adverbs include quickly, slowly, well, badly, here, there, now, and always.

An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling “how,” “when” or “where” the action took place.

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Angrily When you act angrily, your actions indicate that you are very mad.
2 Bravely When you act bravely, you face danger and act without fear or despite your fear. Firefighters bravely face danger.
3 Daily When something is done daily, it is done each day. Some people exercise daily.
4 Early When something is done early, it happens in the beginning of the day or before the expected time. The sun rises early in the day
5 Fast When something or someone moves fast, they change position very rapidly. The sprinter ran fast.
6 Fiery When something acts in an intense or hot way, it is fiery. The fire burned hotly
7 Friendly When people act nicely to each other, they are being friendly.
8 Gracefully When you do something gracefully, you do it with elegance and beauty. A ballerina dances gracefully.
9 Happily When you do something with pleasure or joy, you do it happily. She happily helped her brother.
10 Harmoniously When people, countries, or other groups behave in a friendly manner, they are acting harmoniously.
11 Horizontally When something moves horizontally, it moves left and right. Trains travel horizontally along their tracks.
12 Joyfully When you do something with great pleasure or happiness, you do it joyfully. She joyfully went on vacation
13 Late When something happens late, it is done after the expected time or is done towards the end of the day.
14 Magically When something is done with magic and mystery, it is done magically. The rabbit appeared magically out of the magician’s hat.
15 Monthly When something is done monthly, it is done each month. People pay their bills monthly.
16 Quickly When something or someone moves quickly, they change position very rapidly. An athlete runs quickly.
17 Rapidly When something or someone moves rapidly, they change position very quickly. A cheetah runs rapidly.
18 Sadly People behave sadly when they are sad or depressed. She cried sadly when she found out the bad news
19 Strenuously When you do something strenuously, you put a lot of force and energy into it.
20 Vertically When something moves vertically, it moves up and down. Elevators move vertically in a building.
21 Violently When something acts violently, it uses great force. The wind in a tornado spins violently.
22 Weekly When something is done weekly, it is done each week. Sue shops weekly for groceries.
23 Wiggly When something or someone is wiggly, it twists and moves all over.
24 Yearly When something is done yearly, it is done each year. People celebrate their birthday yearly.


Prepositions are words that show the relationship of a noun or pronoun to other words in a sentence. They indicate the location, direction, or time of the noun or pronoun in relation to the rest of the sentence. Prepositions are used to connect nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other words in a sentence and to express a range of meanings, such as direction, place, manner, and time. Some common prepositions include in, on, at, with, by, to, from, and of.

A preposition is a word that shows the spatial (space), temporal (time), or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence. The words above, near, at, by, after, with and from are propositions.

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Above Above means over or higher. The cloud is above the mountain.
2 Around When something is around something, it is near or close to it.
3 Behind When you are behind something, you are to the back of it.
4 Between When something is between, it is located in a position separating two other items.
5 Inside The bird is in the cage.
6 In front In front of the girl on the right is in front of the bricks.
7 Inside The bird is inside the cage.
8 On The vase is on the table.
9 Out He is going out the door.
10 Outside When you are outside, you are not in a building or other structure.
11 Over The cloud is over the mountain.
12 Under The cat is under the table.
13 Underground Many animals live underground.
14 With
With mean in the company of or having. The children above are with each other.
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