Word Forms: Adjectives From Verbs


Change the verbs in bold into their correct adjective form so that they are grammatically correct in the context of the sentences.

1. At the recruitment drive we were shown a lot of promote material, but it wasn’t very inspire.

2. Recently, there have been some innovate and impress plans to change the student social areas.

3. In the interests of the environment, we all need to change their waste habits, so the college is introducing an oblige code for recycling and cutting down on waste.

4. The task we were given was very repeat and as a result it quickly became very bore.

5. Everybody was very excite when we were told about the cultural trip to Europe, but I was a little doubt it would go ahead.

6. Our new Director of Studies isn’t very decide and needs to play a more act role in the day-to-day running of the college.

7. Computer software designers need to be far more invent if they want to keep up with a changing and change market.

8. The Coke and coffee machines have both been out of order five times this week, and the air conditioning hasn’t been working for a month: these continue breakdowns, coupled with the continue heat, have resulted in a lot of short tempers.

9. My tutor isn’t very approach: in fact, some of my fellow students find him a little bit frighten!

10. Her presentation wasn’t very convince, and several of her classmates were extremely criticize of her arguments.

11. The market for all-include holidays (in which customers pay for their flight, accommodations, meals, and drinks in advance) has become very compete.

12. Our tutor is very help and support, but unfortunately he isn’t very depend.

13. The mistake was easily rectify, but it would have been far more prefer if it hadn’t happened in the first place.

14. Fees are non-negotiate, and you will need to pay a non-refund deposit of $500 before we can enroll you.

15. There is restrict access to the building, and all visitors will need to show a validate pass and some form of ID.

16. Participation in the evening training seminars is entirely volunteer, but we hope that everyone will attend these highly construct sessions.

17. The accident was avoid, and it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been so care.

18. He’s a very create and imagine artist, and his commitment to helping young painters is admire.

19. When you apply for a job, it is very important to be specify about your occupy qualifications, and any previous experience.

20. A good job should offer an attract salary and other excel benefits, such as a company car and free healthcare package.

21. The two comments were contradict, and it was clear the student who wrote the essay wasn’t very enthuse about his subject.

22. An act lifestyle is prefer to a sedentary one, and is certainly much healthier.

Correct Answers:

  1. promotional / inspiring
  2. innovative / impressive
  3. wasteful / obligatory
  4. repetitive / boring
  5. excited / doubtful
  6. decisive / active
  7. inventive / changeable
  8. continual (= stopping and starting ) / continuous (without stopping)
  9. approachable / frightening
  10. convincing / critical
  11. inclusive / competitive
  12. helpful / supportive / dependable
  13. rectifiable / preferable
  14. negotiable / refundable
  15. restricted / valid
  16. voluntary / constructive
  17. avoidable / careless (not careful)
  18. creative / imaginative / admirable
  19. specific / occupational
  20. attractive / excellent
  21. contradictory / enthusiastic
  22. active / preferable
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