Phone Apps: IELTS Speaking Questions with Answers

Phone Apps IELTS Speaking Questions Answers Eduhyme

Talking about Phone Applications in IELTS Speaking can be a challenge, not only for the vocabulary, but also knowing what to talk about. The IELTS Speaking Module is designed to assess your English Language Speaking Skills. To ensure a good score in the IELTS Speaking Module, you must study and practice the common Speaking Question types.

Get ideas on  the sample answers below and practice to achieve your target band score. Here are some of the questions asked:

1. What kinds of apps do you often use?

Answer – I gravitate towards online apps and I have downloaded a bunch of apps from Google Play Store. Out of the many ones, the one that I often make use of very now and then is the Oxford Dictionary that I purchased years ago. On top of that, recently I have been playing the guitar, so I have also installed the app Echord on my phone for chord reference.

2. What mobile app do you want to have?

Answer – Currently, I’m longing for the Collins Thesaurus Dictionary, but it costs an arm and a leg so for the time being I’m unable to make a purchase. I’m setting aside some money to make my little dream come true.

3. Do you want to make your own app?

Answer – I haven’t thought of this, really. If I were to make an app, it should be educational. The likelihood is that I might create some apps that teach people how to play the guitar step by step, and at the same time make a killing from that, too.

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