International Payments – Choose Right Words

International Payments

Put right words below into the spaces in the sentences.

bill of lading  consignments  courier defer  forwarded  import duty issuing bank  payment on delivery  penalty release  remit  remittance shipment  shipped  tariffs title  vessel  wire

1. We are expecting two ___________________ of computer printers from China.

2. Another word for a consignment is a ___________________, even if it doesn’t travel on a ship.

3. The consignment ___________________ ten days ago. I’m surprised you haven’t received it yet.

4 A detailed list of a ship’s cargo is called a ___________________.

5. Another word for ship is ___________________.

6. In many cases, when goods are imported, an ___________________ has to be paid.

7. Another word for import duties is ___________________.

8. A document proving that you own a consignment of goods is called a ___________________ to the goods.

9. After payment, the bank will ___________________ the title to the goods.

10. The bank took a long time to ___________________ payment to my account.

11. If we don’t deliver on time, we’ll have to pay a late-delivery ___________________

12. We would like to ___________________ payment until delivery of the shipment.

13. We usually ask our customers for ___________________.

14. If there’s a problem with the letter of credit, I suggest you contact the ___________________.

15. The quickest way to send money to another country is to ___________________ it, for example, by Western Union.

16. Thank you for sending the ___________________ by Western Union. I collected it this morning.

17. An effective way to ship consignments is to use a ___________________ such as UPS, DHL or FedEx.

18. The exporter’s bank has ___________________ the bill of exchange to the importer’s bank.


  1. consignments
  2. shipment
  3. shipped
  4. bill of lading
  5. vessel
  6. import duty
  7. tariffs
  8. title
  9. release
  10. remit
  11. penalty
  12. defer
  13. payment-on-delivery
  14. issuing bank
  15. wire
  16. remittance
  17. courier
  18. forwarded
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