Instruments and Equipment – Choose The Correct Word

Instruments Equipments

Match each of the following instruments and items of equipment with its correct description below. The first one has been done for you as an example.

bandage * catheter * curette * drain * forceps * gag * hook * pipette * probe * scalpel * sling * splint * stethoscope * stretcher * syringe * thermometer * tourniquet * wheelchair

1. ________________ = a chair with wheels in which someone can sit and move around

2. __________ = a small sharp-pointed knife used in surgery

3. __________ = an instrument used to explore inside a cavity or wound

4. __________ = a surgical instrument with handles like a pair of scissors, made in different sizes and with differently shaped ends, used for holding and pulling

5. __________ = a surgical instrument like a long thin spoon, used for scraping the inside of an organ

6. __________ = a thin glass tube used for taking and measuring samples of liquid

7. __________ = an instrument or tight bandage wrapped round a limb to constrict an artery, so reducing the flow of blood and stopping bleeding from a wound

8. __________ = a surgical instrument with a bent end used for holding structures apart in operations

9. __________ = a tube used to remove liquid from the body

10. __________ = an instrument placed between the teeth to stop the mouth from closing

11. __________ = a medical instrument made of a tube with a plunger which either slides down inside the tube, forcing the contents out through a needle as in an injection, or slides up the tube, allowing a liquid to be sucked into it

12. __________ = a tube passed into the body along one of the passages in the body

13. __________ = a piece of cloth which is wrapped around a wound or an injured limb

14. __________ = a triangular bandage attached around the neck, used to support an injured arm and prevent it from moving

15. __________ = a folding bed, with handles, on which an injured person can be carried by two people

16. __________ = a stiff support attached to a limb to prevent a broken bone from moving

17. __________ = two earpieces connected to a tube and a metal disc, used to listen to sounds made inside the body

18. __________ = an instrument for measuring temperature


  1. wheelchair
  2. scalpel
  3. probe
  4. forceps
  5. curette
  6. pipette
  7. tourniquet
  8. hook
  9. drain
  10. gag
  11. syringe
  12. catheter
  13. bandage
  14. sling
  15. stretcher
  16. splint
  17. stethoscope
  18. thermometer
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