Important Words Related To Tools and Post Office

Tools and Post Office Eduhyme

Language is a powerful tool that enables us to communicate, express our thoughts, and connect with others. It is a vast and intricate system that encompasses a myriad of words and phrases related to various aspects of our lives.

In this article, we will explore two distinct yet essential aspects of our daily existence: tools and the post office. Both play significant roles in our lives, and their associated vocabulary is equally important.

You can begin your journey to adding English related names to your vocabulary by carefully reading through this section.

Tools words in this article include:

Awl, Ax, Chisel, Drill, File, Funnel, Hammer, Hatchet, Level, Nail, Nut, Pliers, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Screw, Screwdriver, Shovel, Stapler, Tape measure, Tongs, Tools, Tool box, Washer, Wedge and Wrench

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Awl An awl is a tool used to make small holes in things.
2 Ax An ax is useful for chopping wood.
3 Chisel A chisel is a tool used to carve wood, marble, or other materials.
4 Drill A drill makes holes in things.
5 File A file is used to smooth things.
6 Funnel A funnel is a device that lets you pour things from one container to another.
7 Hammer A hammer is good for pounding nails into wood.
8 Hatchet A hatchet is an ax with a short handle.
9 Level A level is a tool that checks if both sides of something are at the same height.
10 Nail A nail is a long, thin piece of metal that you can hammer into wood.
11 Nut A nut is a piece of metal that fastens onto a bolt or screw.
12 Pliers Pliers are tools that hold things.
13 Rake A rake is a garden tool that helps gather grass and leaves.
14 Saw A saw is a tool that cuts things.
15 Scissors Scissors are used for cutting things, like paper.
16 Screw A screw is a threaded metal fastener that has a slotted head.
17 Screwdriver A screwdriver is a tool that is used to put in and remove screws.
18 Shovel Shovels are used to dig.
19 Stapler A stapler is a device that attaches papers to each other using a small piece of metal.
20 Tape measure  A tape measure is used to measure things.
21 Tongs Tongs are a type of simple tool used to pick up things.
22 Tools Tools help us do work and make things.
23 Tool box  Tools are stored or carried in a tool box.
24 Washer A washer is a round, flat object with a hole in it, made of metal or rubber. It is placed next to a nut to help fasten it.
25 Wedge A wedge is a tapering block (often made of wood) that is used for holding things in place, splitting things or tightening things.
26 Wrench A wrench is a tool that turns nuts or bolts

Post office and Mail words in this article include:

Address, Box, Card, Envelope, Letter, Mailbox , Package, Paper, Postcard, Scale, Stamp and Tape

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Address An address tells the Post Office where to bring a letter or package.
2 Box A box can hold things.
3 Card You can send a card to a friend.
4 Envelope An envelope holds a letter.
5 Letter You can write a letter to communicate with a person
6 Mailbox A mailbox is where you leave letters to be mailed.
7 Package A package is a wrapped box that contains something.
8 Paper We write and paint on paper. It is made from plant fibers, usually trees.
9 Postcard A postcard is a card you can mail without an envelope. People who collect post cards are called deltiologists.
10 Scale A scale is a machine for weighing things
11 Stamp You must put a stamp on a letter for it to be delivered.
12 Tape Tape is a long, sticky ribbon that is used to stick things together.


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