Important Terminology Used in Games That You Need To Know

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GK is the most important part of every exam, we are providing you the List of important Terminology used in games that might appear in any of the upcoming examinations such as Bank Exams, SSC Exams etc. GK is a part in which you have to study in bits and parts.

So do read it on a light note and revise it after two or three days and we can assure that you will retain the names and their terminology till the exam.

S.No. Word Game
1 Drop Rowing
2 Let, Smash, Deuce, Uber Cup, Thomas cup Badminton
3 Bishop, Checkmate, Knight Chess
4 Cover Drive, Boundary, L.B.W.(Leg Before Wicket), C.W.B.(Caught Behind Wicket) , Ashes , Googly, Duleep Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Wisden Trophy Cricket
5 Hitter, Batter Baseball
6 Caddie, Tee, Par, Put Golf
7 Target, Bull’s Eye Archery
8 Corner, Bully, Stick, Long Corner Hockey
9 Jump Ball Basketball
10 Cue, Cannon, Long Jenny, Jigger Billiards
11 Knockout, Welter Weight, Jab, Cut Boxing
12 Dribble, Corner Kick, Penalty, Yellow Card, Tie-Breaker, Subroto Cup, B. C. Roy Trophy, Durand Cup Football
13 Davis Cup, Wimbledon Trophy, French Open, U S. Open Tennis
14 Plug, Muzzle Shooting
15 Derby Cup Horse Racing
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