Important English Words, Meanings, and Synonyms for SBI PO/Clerk, SSC CGL Exams

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Preparing for competitive exams like SBI PO/Clerk or SSC CGL requires a strong command of the English language. One crucial aspect of language proficiency is vocabulary.

To help you expand your vocabulary repertoire, we have compiled a list of important English words along with their meanings and synonyms.

This collection of words will not only boost your language skills but also aid you in scoring well on your exams. Let’s dive in!

S.No. Word Meaning Synonyms
1 Accolade Any honour Acclaim, award, commendation, laurel, laudation
2 Avid Marked By Active Interest And Enthusiasm Devouring, Esurient, Greedy, Zealous
3 Clemency Mercy, Lenience, Good Weather Mercifulness, Mercy, Mildness
4 Sanguine Cheerfully positive and confident Buoyant, enthusiastic, optimistic, animated, hopeful
5 Edifice A structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place Building
6 Machination To plot evilly for personal gain Conspiracy, skulduggery, scheme, ruse, manoeuvre
7 Hapless Deserving or inciting pity, unfortunate Miserable, pathetic, piteous,pitiful,poor, wretched
8 Mountebank Someone who deceives others especially to rob them of their money Fraudster, impostor, hoaxer, trickster, charlatan
9 Remorseful Feeling Or Expressing Pain Or Sorrow For Sins Or Offenses Contrite, Rueful, Ruthful
10 Diabolic Having the qualities of the devil Demonic, devilish, fiendish, infernal, satanic, evil
11 Apocryphal Something whose authenticity is questionable irrespective of its wide circulation Debatable, fabricated, fictitious, dubious, unsubstantiated
12 Sanctity The quality of being holy, Sacred, Or Saintly Sanctitude, holiness
13 Ersatz An artificial substance used as a substitute to a natural one, often inferior Adulterated, fabricated, spurious, unnatural, synthetic
14 Archetype A model on which all others in the same category are based Epitome, prototype, standard, exemplar, paradigm, paragon
15 Hyperbole An extravagant statement not meant to be taken literally Amplification, exaggeration, embellishment, magnification, overstatement
16 Adage A proverb or byword Axiom, maxim, dictum, aphorism, precept
17 Redundant Surplus, more than what is required Disposable, dispensable, superfluous, inessential, expendable
18 Hermit One who has withdrawn to a solitary life or religious seclusion Ascetic, saint, austere, puritanical, abstinent
19 Cajole To persuade by buttering up or making promises Flatter, tempt, beguile, sweet-talk, compliment
20 Espionage The act of spying (by the government or otherwise) Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, spying, tailing
21 Restive Unable to remain still, especially because of boredom or dissatisfaction Agitated, anxious, fidgety, jittery, impatient, restless
22 Brazen Shameless or impudent Blatant, unashamed, unabashed, barefaced, unrepentant
23 Peevish Easily irritated, testy or annoyed Cranky, fractious, grumpy, snappy, waspish
24 Harbinger A person or thing which signals the approach of another Announcer, forerunner, forewarning, herald, prelude
25 Bizarre Very strange or unusual Eccentric, aberrant, ludicrous, peculiar, weird, odd
26 Parochial Having a limited or narrow outlook Conservative, myopic, intolerant, narrow-minded, illiberal
27 Magnanimous Large-hearted or forgiving Altruistic, generous, bounteous, philanthropic, liberal
28 Sublime Extreme and unparalleled Elevated, exalting, magnificent, resplendent, splendid
29 Restraint A measure to keep something/someone under control Constraint, inhibition, judiciousness, prohibition, temperateness
30 Trepidation Tremulous fear or agitation Alarm, apprehension, foreboding, consternation, discomposure
31 Imperturbable Incapable of being upset or agitated Nonchalant, phlegmatic, relaxed, tranquil, undisturbed
32 Congenial Agreeable and pleasing in nature or character Comradely, friendly, companionable, hospitable, favourable
33 Strident Making or having a harsh sound Discordant, rasping, raucous, vociferous, clamorous, loud
34 Egalitarian Asserting equality for all people Democratic, classless, equalitarian, unrestricted, uncensored
35 Confluence The place where two or more water bodies meet Conflux, convergence, junction, meeting, union
36 Lavish Occurring or happening in profusion Expensive, extravagant, luxuriant, opulent, prodigal
37 Insolent Boldly rude or disrespectful Abusive, audacious, discourteous, offensive, contemptuous
38 Vagrant A person who wanders about idly and is homeless and jobless Nomadic, itinerant, derelict, unsettled, vagabond
39 Gregarious Fond of the company of other people Affable, amiable, sociable, genial, neighbourly
40 Vivacious Full of vigour and energy Bubbly, chirpy, effervescent, energetic, animated
41 Enigma An inexplicable person or situation Conundrum, mystery, paradox, quandary, puzzle
42 Lecherous Characterised by inappropriate behaviour Intemperate, indecent, licentious, promiscuous, unchaste
43 Ambivalent Having mixed feelings about someone or something Undecided, hesitant, reluctant, irresolute, inconclusive
44 Blasphemy Impure action or words concerning something religious or sacred Irreligiousness, disrespect, irreverence, profanity, sacrilege
45 Assuage To make milder or less severe Moderate, appease, attenuate, tranquilize, temper
46 Lugubrious Extremely sad and depressed Despondent, mournful, doleful, melancholy, woebegone


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