Human and Other Noises – Match The Correct Words

Noise English

Noise is an omnipresent aspect of our daily lives, influencing our experiences and shaping our environments in various ways. From the bustling city streets to the quiet corners of nature, noise manifests in different forms, impacting our senses and interactions with the world around us.

To explore deeper into this subject, it’s essential to explore key vocabulary associated with human and other noises.

Exercise 1 – Human Noises

Match the words in the box with their description below. Use your dictionary to check your answers.

sniff * sneeze * sigh * pant * scream * boo * gasp * stammer * cough * cheer * puff * chant * whisper * groan * yawn * snore

  1. to sing a regular beat
  2. to speak very quietly
  3. to breathe with difficulty
  4. to breathe fast
  5. to make loud cries
  6. to hesitate and repeat sounds when speaking
  7. to make loud noises with the nose and throat when asleep
  8. to send air out of your lungs suddenly because your throat hurts
  9. to breathe deeply showing you are sad, relieved, etc.
  10. to make a sound to show that you do not like an actor, politician, etc
  11. to shout encouragement
  12. to breathe in air through your nose
  13. to open your mouth wide and breathe in and out deeply when you are tired or bored
  14. to blow air suddenly out through your nose and mouth because of an irritation inside your nose (a reflex action)
  15. to moan deeply
  16. to take a short, deep breath, showing surprise or pain.

Correct Answers:

  1. chant
  2. whisper
  3. puff / pant
  4. pant
  5. scream
  6. stammer
  7. snore
  8. cough
  9. sigh
  10. boo
  11. cheer
  12. sniff
  13. yawn
  14. sneeze
  15. groan
  16. gasp

Exercise 2 – Other Noises

Match the noises in the box with the things that cause them.

sizzle * rumble * boom * blare * murmur * ring * clink * whirr * rattle * bang * pop * thud * tinkle * click

  1. a cork coming out of a bottle
  2. somebody falling over and hitting their head heavily on the floor
  3. loud music or car horns
  4. a very large gun, or an aircraft breaking the sound barrier
  5. bells
  6. windows in the wind or a baby’s toy which is shaken
  7. a little bell which rings when you open a shop door
  8. two glasses touching each other
  9. a camera
  10. sausages cooking
  11. a train passing over a bridge or thunder in the distance
  12. a group of people talking quietly
  13. a door shutting suddenly
  14. a small plane

Correct Answers:

  1. pop
  2. thud
  3. blare
  4. boom
  5. ring
  6. rattle
  7. tinkle
  8. clink
  9. click/whirr
  10. sizzle
  11. rumble
  12. murmur
  13. bang
  14. whirr

Understanding these key terms associated with noise and sound provides a deeper appreciation of how sound shapes our experiences and environments.

Whether navigating urban landscapes, enjoying musical performances, or seeking tranquility in natural settings, the vocabulary of noise enriches our understanding of the auditory world around us.

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