Hand and Arm Actions – Choose The Correct Verb

Hand and Arm

In everyday communication, precise language is crucial for conveying our thoughts and intentions accurately. When describing hand and arm actions, selecting the appropriate verb plays a significant role in ensuring clarity and understanding.

Choose the correct verb in each of the following sentences.

  1. He punched / snapped / grabbed me on the nose.
  2. They all punched / slapped / shook him on the back to congratulate him.
  3. The nurse pointed / beckoned to / saluted her to come into the room.
  4. She rubbed / wiped / stroked the cat as it sat in her lap.
  5. He patted / wiped / folded his pocket to make sure his wallet was still there.
  6. He snapped / grabbed / flexed his suitcase and ran to the train.
  7. It was dark in the cellar and he had to grope / scratch / grab for a light switch.
  8. Ordinary soldiers must salute / shake / point their officers.
  9. They waved / punched / beckoned goodbye as the boat left the harbour.
  10. He groped / scratched / stroked his head as he wondered what to do
  11. He sat down and tapped / crossed / folded his arms.
  12. Here’s a handkerchief – wipe / pat / rub your nose.
  13. You should always pat / grope / shake the bottle before you open it.
  14. A policeman tapped / scratched / stroked him on the shoulder and arrested him.
  15. He shook / rubbed / wiped his hands together to get them warm.

Correct Answers:

  1. punched
  2. slapped
  3. beckoned
  4. stroked
  5. patted
  6. grabbed
  7. grope
  8. salute
  9. waved
  10. scratched
  11. folded
  12. wipe
  13. shake
  14. tapped
  15. rubbed
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