Formal Words – Exercise To Solve With Answers

Formal Words

In a business / office environment, we often use ‘formal’ words, especially in our written English (letters, reports, etc). For example, instead of ‘asked for advice’, we might use ‘consulted’.

We asked our accountant for advice about our tax. becomes:
We consulted our accountant about our tax.

These ‘formal’ words are often verbs.

Change the ‘neutral’ verbs and expressions in bold in these sentences to more ‘formal’ words using the verbs / expressions in the box. Each sentence requires only one word or expression. In most cases, you will need to change the form of the verb.

address * adjourn * adjust * administer * admonish * advise * amalgamate * analyse * annul * appeal to * appoint * apportion * assess at * assign * assist * assure * attend * audit * avert * await * award

  1. We need to examine in detail the market potential of these new products.
  2. The value of the business was calculated to be £5 million.
  3. The management increased their offer in the hope of stopping the strike happening.
  4. It will be the HR manager’s job to organise the induction programme.
  5. He was given the job of checking the sales figures.
  6. The contract was cancelled by the court.
  7. Our accountants have been asked to examine the accounts for the last quarter.
  8. When he was dismissed, he asked his union for support.
  9. The chairman spoke to the sales team.
  10. At the meeting it was decided to give middle management a salary increase.
  11. The workers were given a warning by the manager for careless work.
  12. We are waiting for the decision of the planning department.
  13. Prices will be changed according to the current rate of inflation.
  14. The chairman stopped the meeting until 3 o’clock.
  15. We have chosen a new distribution manager.
  16. Production costs are shared according to projected revenue.
  17. The chairman has asked all managers to come to the meeting.
  18. We have been told that the shipment will arrive next week.
  19. Can you help me with these income tax returns?
  20. The different unions have joined together to make one main union.

Correct Answers:

  1. analyse (spelt analyze in American English)
  2. assessed at
  3. averted
  4. administer
  5. assigned
  6. annulled
  7. audit
  8. appealed to
  9. addressed
  10. award
  11. admonished
  12. awaiting
  13. adjusted
  14. adjourned
  15. appointed
  16. apportioned
  17. attend
  18. advised
  19. assist
  20. amalgamated
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