English Collocation Exercise with Answers

English collocation Exercise Eduhyme

Collocation is a group of words that usually go together.

For example, in English, we usually say “heavy rain”. It’s correct grammatically to say “strong rain” or “big rain”, but both of these sound completely strange. A native English speaker would never say “big rain”. If you use the normal collocation (“heavy rain”) your English will sound a lot better and more natural and it will be easier for native speakers to understand you.

Collocations are very important. It is very difficult to give a list of collocations, because there are so many. In fact, almost every word in English has other words that it usually goes with.

Set phrases, verb patterns, and idioms are really just strong examples of collocations too. For example, in English, we say “get married to someone”. Many languages use “with” after “marry” (which certainly seems logical). But this isn’t normal way in English. If you learn the whole phrase (“get married to someone”), then you won’t make this mistake.

Complete each sentence by choosing the word that collocates with the word in CAPITALS.

1. Aren’t you a … OLD to be wearing that?

a) bit
b) lot
c) deal

Correct Answer – a) bit

2. She was given a … OPPORTUNITY to travel.

a) single
b) lone
c) unique

Correct Answer – c) unique

3. Their kitchen had just been installed – it was … NEW.

a) actual
b) perfect
c) brand

Correct Answer – c) brand

4. He tried to pass his exams but … SUCCESS.

a) losing
b) without
c) missing

Correct Answer – b) without

5. Come on – it’s … the EFFORT.

a) worth
b) merited
c) valued

Correct Answer – a) worth

6. She’s very analytical and can … PROBLEMS quickly.

a) answer
b) conclude
c) solve

Correct Answer – c) solve

7. The men were acquitted and SET … .

a) free
b) away
c) clear

Correct Answer – a) free

8. If you … a CRIME, you will be punished.

a) commit
b) make
c) create

Correct Answer – a) commit

9. The company … its HOPES on getting new orders.

a) put
b) pinned
c) positioned

Correct Answer – b) pinned

10. As the sun rose, the island … into VIEW.

a) appeared
b) came
c) arrived

Correct Answer – b) came

11. We are not satisfied and will PURSUE the … further.

a) event
b) affair
c) matter

Correct Answer – c) matter

12. The politician’s speech got a MIXED … .

a) reaction
b) result
c) reply

Correct Answer – a) reaction

13. I thought that information was … KNOWLEDGE.

a) common
b) familiar
c) known

Correct Answer – a) common

14. He was completely ABSORBED … his book.

a) to
b) in
c) at

Correct Answer – b) in

15. I’m BORED … tidying up.

a) in
b) for
c) with

Correct Answer – c) with

16. “Is he coming?” “I BELIEVE …”.

a) so
b) such
c) that

Correct Answer – a) so

17. The hotel has … to RECOMMEND it – it’s terrible!

a) few
b) less
c) little

Correct Answer – c) little

18. Nowadays we live with very high NOISE … .

a) levels
b) sounds
c) grades

Correct Answer – a) levels

19. I … NEED a new car.

a) completely
b) badly
c) totally

Correct Answer – b) badly

20. He should … the BLAME for the delay.

a) take
b) do
c) have

Correct Answer – a) take

21. Their business plan makes sense – I think they’re a … RISK.

a) good
b) safe
c) well

Correct Answer – a) good

22. The war had a DAMAGING … on the economy.

a) effect
b) result
c) outcome

Correct Answer – a) effect

23. The Canary Islands get sunshine all YEAR … .

a) through
b) round
c) alone

Correct Answer – b) round

24. You must do your best to … out of TROUBLE.

a) keep
b) go
c) run

Correct Answer – a) keep

25. My response varies … on the SITUATION.

a) depending
b) relying
c) resting

Correct Answer – a) depending

26. I was … AMAZED when he got the job!

a) deeply
b) absolutely
c) very

Correct Answer – b) absolutely

27. We’re trying to … MONEY for the local hospital.

a) support
b) increase
c) raise

Correct Answer – c) raise

28. We all WISH you … in your new career.

a) well
b) good
c) fine

Correct Answer – a) well

29. I don’t know what the FUTURE … for us.

a) has
b) holds
c) gets

Correct Answer – b) holds

30. Do you mind if I … a SUGGESTION?

a) put
b) make
c) do

Correct Answer – b) make

31.The task …the students OCCUPIED or hours.

a) hold
b) kept
c) stayed

Correct Answer – b) kept

32. Are you lost? Would you like me to …you the WAY?

a) make
b) offer
c) show

Correct Answer – c) show

33. People tell so many different stories , it’s hard to get a TRUE …

a) description
b) view
c) picture

Correct Answer – c) picture

34. The boss was very dismissive and TREATED his suggestion…

a) with
b) as
c) to

Correct Answer – a) with

35. He has made a …DEAL of money.

a) huge
b) large
c) great

Correct Answer – c) great

36. She has made herself ill with ANXIETY … her exam.

a) for
b) about
c) with

Correct Answer – b) about

37. Do you mind if I …a QUESTION at this stage?

a) put
b) raise
c) set

Correct Answer – b) raise

38. Can you EXPLAIN …you got there?

a) that
b) why
c) how

Correct Answer – c) how

39. I think it shows …JUDGEMENT to invest in training.

a) secure
b) right
c) sound

Correct Answer – c) sound

40. If I give you the camera , make sure you …it to good USE.

a) put
b) do
c) enter

Correct Answer – a) put

41. She doesn’t ….any INTEREST in her job.

a) make
b) give
c) show

Correct Answer – c) show

42. I’m …DISAPPOINTED with such poor results.

a) totally
b) bitterly
c) exactly

Correct Answer – b) bitterly

43. It was a wonderful holiday –we …an excellent TIME.

a) passed
b) did
c) had

Correct Answer – c) had

44. Don’t panic –you must …CALM.

a) hold
b) keep
c) rest

Correct Answer – b) keep

45. They have …a lot of CHANGES to the way they live.

a) done
b) put
c) made

Correct Answer – c) made

46. If you have made a mistake ,you must …MATTERS right.

a) put
b) make
c) save

Correct Answer – a) put

47. That information should be published because it is in the PUBLIC ….

a) advantage
b) interest
c) benefit

Correct Answer – b) interest

48. We examined the body for … of LIFE.

a) notices
b) signs
c) clues

Correct Answer – b) signs

49. It was the first thing that …into my MIND.

a) come
b) arrived
c) got

Correct Answer – a) come

50. You need to …yourself a GOAL.

a) set
b) make
c) do

Correct Answer – a) set

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