Comparing and Contrasting – Choose Most Appropriate Word or Expression


Complete these sentences with the most appropriate word or expression in bold. In one case, all three options are possible.

1. The contrast / compare / comparison in working conditions between our Denver department and our department in Chicago is very noticeable, and employees are now demanding equality in this area.

2. The two engines differentiate / differ / different considerably from each other: one runs on gasoline, and the other is a gasoline-electric hybrid.

3. It is often difficult to differentiate / differ / contrast between students who are absent because they are genuinely sick, and those who are just enjoying a day in bed.

4. The new software program shared some common characters / characterizes / characteristics with those that were already on the market.

5. There’s a clear distinguish / distinctive / distinction between studying at a college and working from home on a correspondence course.

6. Compared / Compare / Comparing with 15 years ago, home PCs are cheaper, faster, and have a much bigger memory.

7. The two courses are different in every way: there’s absolutely no compare / comparison / contrast between them.

8. Our digital photography course is similar to / alike / resemble our traditional photography course, except that it is obviously more computer-oriented.

9. There were several similarities / similarly / similar to between the two novels, except one was aimed at a younger market while the other targeted twenty-somethings.

10. Serious computer hackers can access your personal files and destroy or alter them. Exactly / In the same way / Just as, they can gain access to your Internet banking facility and steal your money.

11. The quality of his work is excellent. Likewise / Alike / Likeness, his attitude and commitment.

12. The TOEFL covers a variety of academic and general English tasks. In contrast to / Although / By way of contrast, the TOEIC focuses more on business and professional issues.

13. Grades have not been good over the last semester. Nevertheless / Even so / However, the college still has one of the best academic records in the state.

14. There currently seems to be a large discrepancy / discrimination / differential between the number of people employed in service industries, and those employed in the primary sector.

15. The Impressionists used light and color to give the general feeling of a scene, unlike / whereas / whereby the pre-Raphaelites used a lot of detail and bright colors, and showed a romanticized view of life.

Correct Answers:

  1. contrast
  2. differ
  3. differentiate
  4. characteristics
  5. distinction
  6. Compared
  7. comparison
  8. similar to
  9. similarities
  10. In the same way
  11. Likewise
  12. By way of contrast
  13. Nevertheless / Even so / However (Even so is more common in spoken than in written English)
  14. discrepancy
  15. whereas
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