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Children Family Grammar

Children are at the heart of the family unit, playing a pivotal role in shaping its dynamics and influencing its development. The family serves as the primary environment where children learn about relationships, values, and social norms, laying the foundation for their future interactions and experiences.

In turn, the family structure and functioning significantly impact children’s well-being and overall development.

Complete definitions 1 – 15 with words and expressions from the box. You will not need all of the words and expressions from the box.

adolescence * adolescent * adopt * authoritarian * birth rate * bring up * dependent * divorced * extended family * family life * formative years * foster * foster child * foster family * freedom * infancy * infant * juvenile * juvenile delinquency * lenient * minor (noun) * nuclear family * nurture * over-protective * protective * raise * rebellious * relationship * relatives * responsible * separated * siblings * single parent * single-parent family * strict * supervision * running wild * teenager * upbringing * well-adjusted

1. __________ is the period in someone’s life when they change from being a child to being a young adult. A boy or a girl who is at this stage in their life is called an __________.

2. A __________ is someone who has not reached the age at which they are legally an adult.

3. Your brothers and sisters are sometimes referred to as your __________.

4. A couple (for example, a husband and wife) who are __________ no longer live together. If a married couple get __________, their marriage is legally ended.

5. A __________ is a family that looks after someone else’s child in their own home for a period of time. A child who lives with this family is called a __________. The verb is __________.

6. A __________ is a formal word for a young person, and can also be used as a word for a young person who has committed a crime.

7. A __________ child is one who is mentally strong and able to deal with problems without becoming upset. A child who is badly behaved and refuses to obey his / her parents, teachers, etc., can be described as __________.

8. Your __________ are those in your life when your character and beliefs are most strongly influenced.

9. If you bring someone else’s child into your family and legally make him or her your own child, we say that you __________ him / her.

10. A __________ is a child between the ages of 13 and 19.

11. An __________ is a baby or very young child. This period in a child’s life is called __________.

12. __________ and __________ both mean the same thing: to take care of children while they are growing up.

13. An __________ is a family group that includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. A __________ is a family unit consisting of a mother, a father, and their children.

14. A __________ or __________ parent is one who makes their children follow rules and behave in a very “correct” way. The opposite of this is __________.

15. A __________ is a child or other relative to whom you give food, money, and a home. This word can also be an adjective.


  1. Adolescence / adolescent
  2. minor
  3. siblings
  4. separated / divorced
  5. foster family / foster child / foster
  6. juvenile
  7. well-adjusted / running wild or rebellious
  8. formative years
  9. adopt
  10. teenager
  11. infant / infancy
  12. Raise / bring up
  13. extended family / nuclear family
  14. strict / authoritarian / lenient
  15. dependent (note that in British English, the noun is dependant
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