Science and Technology – Choose Best Words and Expressions

Science and Technology

In the realm of science and technology, innovation is ceaseless, driving progress and shaping the world we inhabit. From groundbreaking discoveries to revolutionary inventions, every stride forward brings us closer to a future defined by endless possibilities.

Complete definitions 1 – 15 with words and expressions from the box. You will not need all of the words and expressions from the box.

analyze * bioclimatology * biology * breakthrough * cellphone * chemistry * computers * control * cryogenics * cybernetics * development * digital * discover * discovery * e-mail * experiment * genetic engineering * genetic fingerprinting * genetic modification * geneticist * information superhighway * information technology (IT) * innovation * Internet * invent * invention * life expectancy * microchip * modified * molecular biology * nuclear engineering * physics * research * safeguard * scientist * technocrat * technologist * technophile * technophobe

  1. _____________ is the practice or science of changing the genes of a living thing, especially in order to make it more suitable for a particular purpose.
  2. A _____________ is a rule, law, or plan that protects people or something from harm or problems.
  3. _____________ is the study of living things.
  4. A _____________ is someone who does not like, trust, or want to use technology, especially computers.
  5. A _____________ is a discovery or achievement that comes after a lot of hard work.
  6. _____________ is the study or use of computers and electronic systems for storing and using information.
  7. If something is _____________, it is changed slightly in order to improve it.
  8. A _____________ is a scientist who studies or works in genetics.
  9. _____________ is the use of technology to make copies of natural things (for example, artificial body parts).
  10. A _____________ is a scientist or other technical expert with a high position in industry or government.
  11. _____________ is the detailed study of something in order to discover new facts.
  12. _____________ is the science that studies the effects of low temperatures, especially the use of low temperatures for preserving the bodies of dead people.
  13. An _____________ is a scientific test to find out what happens to someone or something in particular conditions.
  14. _____________ is the length of time that someone is likely to live.
  15. _____________ is the invention or use of new ideas, methods, equipment, etc.

Correct Answers:

  1. Genetic engineering
  2. safeguard (this can also be a verb: to safeguard)
  3. Biology (the adjective is biological. A scientist who studies living things is a biologist)
  4. technophobe (the fear or distrust of technology is called technophobia. A technophile is someone who is very enthusiastic about technology)
  5. breakthrough
  6. Information technology
  7. modified
  8. geneticist
  9. Cybernetics
  10. technocrat
  11. Research (this can also be a verb: to research)
  12. Cryogenics
  13. experiment (this can also be a verb: to experiment. The adjective is experimental)
  14. Life expectancy
  15. Innovation (the verb is to innovate. The adjective is innovative)
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