Addition, Equation and Conclusion – An Exercise To Solve

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This exercise will help you to review more of the important words that we use to join ideas in an essay, a verbal presentation or sometimes in everyday speech.

Complete these sentences with one of the words or expressions from below. In most cases, more than one answer is possible.

to sum up briefly * along with * as well as * it can be concluded that * likewise * similarly * also * too * in addition * besides * to conclude * in brief * in the same way * thus * what’s more * furthermore * moreover * along with * to summarize * therefore * correspondingly

1. Tourism brings much needed money to developing countries. ______________, it provides employment for the local population.

2. ______________ bringing much needed money to developing countries, tourism provides employment for the local population.

3. Tourists should respect the local environment. ______________ they should respect the local customs.

4. ______________ industrial waste, pollution from car fumes is poisoning the environment.

5. In order to travel, you need a passport. ______________, you might need a visa, immunization shots, and written permission to visit certain areas.

6. Drugs are banned in Britain. ______________ weapons such as guns and knives.

7. All power corrupts. ______________, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

8. You shouldn’t smoke, drink, take drugs, or eat unhealthy food. ______________, you should live a more healthy lifestyle.

9. The ozone layer is becoming depleted, the air in the cities is becoming too dirty to breathe, and our seas and rivers are no longer safe to swim in. ______________ pollution is slowly destroying the planet.

10. Your grades have been very poor all year. ______________ you need to work really hard if you want to pass your exams next month.

Correct Answers:

  1. Furthermore / Moreover / In addition / What’s more (this is less formal than the other expressions)
  2. As well as / Besides
  3. Likewise / Similarly / In the same way (the verbs in both sentences – i.e., respect – are the same and refer to the same thing, so we can use a word of equation here)
  4. As well as / Along with
  5. In addition
  6. Likewise / Similarly
  7. Likewise / In the same way / Correspondingly
  8. In brief
  9. It can be concluded that
  10. Therefore (To sum up, To conclude and To summarize are usually used to conclude longer pieces of writing – e.g., at the end of an essay. Thus is slightly more formal than therefore, but has the same meaning)

Note: It is important that you are familiar with the way these words and expressions are used, including the other words in a sentence that they “work” with.

Use a dictionary to look up examples of these words and expressions, and keep a record of them to refer to the next time you use them.

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