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Improving general knowledge (GK) can be a fun and rewarding activity that can help you become more informed about the world around you.

General knowledge can be very useful in exams, as it can help you to understand a wide range of topics and subject areas. It can also help you to think critically and make connections between different pieces of information. In addition, having a strong foundation of general knowledge can make it easier to learn new concepts and ideas, as you will already have a base of related information to build upon.

For example, if you are taking a history exam and have a good understanding of general knowledge about the time period you are studying, you will be better able to understand the specific events and people that are being tested. Similarly, in a science exam, having a general understanding of scientific concepts and principles can make it easier to understand the specific details being tested.

Here are 50 general knowledge questions that might be useful for a wide range of exams and tests:

Q1. The famous Kariba Dam is situated on which river?
Ans. Jabeji River

Q2. What is the boundary line between Germany and Poland called?
Ans. Hindenbankock square line

Q3. Which is the largest producing state of saffron in India?
Ans. Jammu Kashmir

Q4. In which year was the Film and Development Corporation of India established?
Ans. In 1980

Q5. The greatest achievement of the palaeolithic period was
Ans. Fire invention

Q6. What percent is nitrogen in the atmosphere?
Ans. 78%

Q7. Who started the Aligarh movement?
Ans. Syed Ahmed khan

Q8. The principle of dynamo is based on which corporation?
Ans. Faraday’s rules

Q9. In which year did the money order system begin in India?
Ans. 1880

Q10. Who composed the wealth of nations?
Ans. Adam Smith

Q11. In which language did Balmiki write the Ramayana?
Ans. Sanskrit

Q12. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?
Ans. Sardar Patel

Q13. When did Alexander invade India?
Ans. In 326 BC

Q14. Who was the first Guru of the Sikhs?
Ans. Guru Nanak Dev

Q15. What is the structure of an enzyme?
Ans. Amino acids

Q16: Who is the creator of The Dodge Laughter?
Ans. R K Lakshman

Q17. Who wrote the column articles of Allahabad?
Ans. Harisen

Q18. Which is the last month according to Saka Samvat?
Ans. Phalgun

Q19. Who became the first Dalit Chief Justice of India?
Ans. KG Balakrishnan

Q20. Which acid is found in muscles?
Ans. Myosin acid

Q.21: Who became the first state to surpass the achievement of 50 lakh beneficiaries in COVID-19 vaccination?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.22: Recently, who will issue a report on the origin of COVID-19?
Ans. WHO

Q.23. Which country’s volcano has erupted after 900 years?
Ans. Iceland

Q.24. Which anti satellite missile has DRDO successfully tested?
Ans. Mission power

Q.25. What percentage of India’s GDP has been estimated by S&P Global Ratings in FY22?
Ans. 11%

Q.26. Which car company has announced six months of paid parental leave to its employees?

Q.27. Who has been awarded the Best Actor Award at the Film Fare Awards 2021?
Ans. Irfan Khan

Q.28. Who has released the World Development Report 2021?
Ans. World Bank

Q.29. Which country has banned the estrogena vaccine for people under 55?
Ans. Canada

Q.30: Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of which state Surendra Sirsat has passed away?
Ans. Goa

Q 31: Which civilization developed on the banks of the Nile River?
Ans: Egypt civilization

Q32: Where is Khyber Pass located?
Ans: Between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Q33; Which city is famous for the production of grapes?
Ans: Nashik

Q34: What is the full form {full form} of SAARC?
Ans: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Q35: When was the First World War fought?
Ans: 1914-1918 A.D.

Q36: During whose reign Maratha power was at the highest peak and power?
Ans: Balaji Bajirao

Q37; What is the length of the coastline of India’s Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal?
Ans: 6100 km M

Q38: Where is the origin of Krishna River near?
Ans: Mahabaleshwar

Q39: Indian Air Force has the shortest post of Commissioned Officer?
Ans: Pilot Officer

Q40: Bombay Bomber is the nickname of which Indian cricketer?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Q41: Who was the temporary President of Constituent Assembly?
Ans: Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha.

Q42: Who was the permanent Speaker of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q43: Who was the chairman of the drafting committee?
Ans: BR Ambedkar

Q44: Who was the legal advisor of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans: BN Rao

Q45: How long did the Constituent Assembly take to prepare the Indian Constitution, the largest in the world?
Ans: 2 years 11 months and 18 days

Q46: The Indian Constitution was adopted by the Government of India?
Ans: 26 November 1949

Q47: Indian Constitution was implemented by the Government of India?
Ans: 26 January 1950

Q48: Part III (Articles 12 – 35) is related to the Constitution?
Ans: Fundamental Rights

Q49: Which Article includes the right to freedom of expression?
Ans: Article 19.

Q50: After which amendment property right became a legal right?
Ans: 44th Amendment

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