200+ Questions and Topics for IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Test Questions Eduhyme

The speaking test of IELTS is an interview which assesses how well a candidate can communicate in spoken English. It is a general speaking skill and is broadly the same for all candidates.

In the Speaking Module, each candidate has a face-to-face interview with an examiner. The interview consists of three parts and takes between 11-14 minutes. The examiner records the interview for remarking, if necessary.

Below is a list of most important topics and questions that the examiner can ask you in IELTS speaking test. You should prepare ideas for these topics but not memorise whole answers.

Your answers should be natural when you speak in the test.

S.No. Question/Topic Category
1 Can you tell me your name? Warm-up
2 What’s your name? Warm-up
3 Where do you come from? Warm-up
4 Tell me something about your family. Warm-up
5 Tell me something about your parents. Warm-up
6 What is your full name? Warm-up
7 What do people usually call you? Warm-up
8 Where are you from? Warm-up
9 What is your favorite animal? Why? Animal
10 Do you like the same animal you liked when you were younger? Animal
11 What can you learn about people from the animals they like? Animal
12 Which animals are popular as pets in your country? Animal
13 Tell me about the use of bicycles in your country. Bicycle
14 How popular are bicycles in your country? Bicycle
15 Are they used more now than in the past? Why? Bicycle
16 What do bicycles mean to you? Bicycle
17 What kinds of things do you enjoy reading in English? Book
18 Are you someone who can read anywhere, or do you have a favorite place? Book
19 Do you need peace and quiet place to be able to read, or can you concentrate even in noisy situations? Book
20 How did you first learn to read? Book
21 What did you prefer reading as a child? Book
22 Has your reading habit changed since you were a child? Book
23 What is your favorite color? Why? Color
24 Do you like the same colors now as you did when you were younger? Why? Color
25 What can you learn about people from the colors they like? Color
26 Do colors have special meaning in your culture? Color
27 When did you first use a computer? Computer
28 Do you think computers are bad for your health? Computer
29 Which computer software do you use more? Computer
30 What purpose did you use your computer for? Computer
31 How important are clothes and fashion to you? Clothing
32 What kind of clothes do you dislike? Why? Clothing
33 How different are the clothes you wear now from those you wore 10 years ago? Clothing
34 What do you think the clothes we wear say about us? Clothing
35 How do you feel about shopping for clothes? Clothing
36 Would you prefer to have a lot of clothes or only a few, better quality ones? Clothing
37 Which town or city do you come from? City
38 What’s the best thing about living there? City
39 Is there anything you don’t like? City
40 Which places would you recommend a tourist to visit? City
41 What would you like to change in your daily routine? Daily Routine
42 Are all your days the same? Daily Routine
43 Tell me about your typical weekday and your typical weekend. Daily Routine
44 What is the balance of work/ study and free time in your normal days? Daily Routine
45 Do you enjoy dancing? Why? Dance
46 Has anyone ever taught you to dance? Dance
47 Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country. Dance
48 Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? Dance
49 How often do you have dreams? Dream
50 What do you dream about? Dream
51 Why do some people have nightmares? Dream
52 Is dreaming important to our well-being and health? Why? Dream
53 What are your most/ least favorite foods? Eating Habit/Food
54 If you invite a friend round for a meal, what are you likely to offer him? Eating Habit/Food
55 Do you prefer eating at home or in a restaurant? Why? Eating Habit/Food
56 What special dish from your country would you recommend to a visitor? Eating Habit/Food
57 What sorts of food do you enjoy eating more? Eating Habit/Food
58 Do you spend much time shopping for food? Eating Habit/Food
59 Which one do you prefer, eating at home or eating out? Eating Habit/Food
60 Do you think people should be careful about what they eat? Eating Habit/Food
61 Who prepares the meals you eat? Do you ever cook? Eating Habit/Food
62 What do you think makes cooking easy, and what makes it difficult? Eating Habit/Food
63 What is your opinion of time-saving kitchen equipment, such as a dishwasher or food processor? Eating Habit/Food
64 What types of kitchen appliances and gadgets do you think will be useful in the future? Eating Habit/Food
65 What kind of food do you like? Eating Habit/Food
66 What do you know about Genetically Modified (GM) food? Eating Habit/Food
67 What are the purposes of GM food? Eating Habit/Food
68 Do you think there are any potential dangers of GM food? What are they? Eating Habit/Food
69 What are your favorite foods? Eating Habit/Food
70 Is there anything you never eat? Eating Habit/Food
71 Where do you normally eat? Why? Eating Habit/Food
72 In what ways are people’s eating habits changing these days? Eating Habit/Food
73 What kinds of foods do you like to eat? Eating Habit/Food
74 What kind of new food would you like to try? Eating Habit/Food
75 What was the last meal you cooked? Eating Habit/Food
76 Do you prefer home-made food or food from restaurants? Why? Eating Habit/Food
77 Do you prefer to have one particular friend or a group of friends? Friend
78 What do you like doing most with your friends? Friend
79 Do you think it’s important to keep in touch with childhood friends? Friend
80 What makes a good friend? Friend
81 Tell me about your best friend. Friend
82 Are you friends mostly your age or different ages? Friend
83 Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends? Friend
84 The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together? Friend
85 In what ways are your friends important to you? Friend
86 Who do you live with? Family
87 Do you spend much time with your family? Family
88 Is your family small or quite large? Family
89 What do you do when you are all together? Family
90 Do you have a large or small family? Family
91 What sort of things do you do with your family members? Family
92 Do you get on well with your family? Why? Family
93 Are you loyal to any brands, i.e. do you always try to buy that particular brand? Favorite/Shop
94 Do you want other people to know you buy a particular brand? Favorite/Shop
95 Do you buy any products without considering the brand name? Favorite/Shop
96 How do you feel about going shopping? Favorite/Shop
97 Do you like buying clothes or goods on the Internet? Why? Favorite/Shop
98 What don’t you like about shopping? Favorite/Shop
99 Can you describe one of the main festivals celebrated in your country? Festival
100 Tell me something about the most important festival in your country? Festival
101 What special food and activities are connected with this festival? Festival
102 What do you most enjoy about it? Festival
103 Do you think festivals are important for a country? Why? Festival
104 Are film stars paid too much money, in your opinion? Film/Movie
105 Do you think there is too much violence in modern movies? Film/Movie
106 What do you think about film censorship? Is it necessary? Film/Movie
107 What was the last film you saw? Did you enjoy it? Film/Movie
108 Which actor do you like the most? Film/Movie
109 What do you know about Hollywood? Film/Movie
110 Can you tell me about the job you are doing? Job
111 What do you like or dislike about it? Job
112 What plans do you have for your career in the future? Job
113 How serious is unemployment in your country? Job
114 Is English important in your chosen career? Job
115 What do you hope to do in future? Job
116 Have you ever given up anything you used to do in free time? if so, what? Job
117 Which other hobbies or sports would you like to do? Job
118 Do you share similar interests with your friends? Job
119 How serious is unemployment in your country? Job
120 What kind of exercise do you do regularly? Health/Keeping Fit
121 What kind of exercise do you enjoy least? Health/Keeping Fit
122 Why is exercise good for health? Health/Keeping Fit
123 What kind of exercise would you suggest to someone who is very unfit? Health/Keeping Fit
124 What are the best ways to get fit and stay healthy? Health/Keeping Fit
125 Can attempts to improve fitness and health be dangerous? Health/Keeping Fit
126 What are the biggest dangers to our health these days? Health/Keeping Fit
127 What are the most significant recent breakthroughs in medicine? Health/Keeping Fit
128 What do you do in your spare time? Hobby/Leisure Activity
129 How long have you been interested in this activity? Hobby/Leisure Activity
130 Do you do this alone or with other people? Hobby/Leisure Activity
131 How much time do you spend doing this activity? Hobby/Leisure Activity
132 Where do you do it? Hobby/Leisure Activity
133 Do you need any special equipment to do it? Hobby/Leisure Activity
134 What is it about this particular activity that suits your personality? Hobby/Leisure Activity
135 Why is it generally beneficial for people to have hobbies? Hobby/Leisure Activity
136 How do you benefit from yours? Hobby/Leisure Activity
137 Is it an expensive hobby? Hobby/Leisure Activity
138 What are the disadvantages of your hobby? Hobby/Leisure Activity
139 What hobbies are popular in your country? Hobby/Leisure Activity
140 Which hobbies or interest you enjoy? Hobby/Leisure Activity
141 Which hobbies or interest you had when you were a child? Hobby/Leisure Activity
142 Do you think parents should encourage their children to have a hobby or interest? Hobby/Leisure Activity
143 Talk about your hobbies. Hobby/Leisure Activity
144 Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? Hobby/Leisure Activity
145 How do you keep fit? Hobby/Leisure Activity
146 What do you do to relax in the evenings? Hobby/Leisure Activity
147 Do you like to relax with others or by yourself? Hobby/Leisure Activity
148 How do you spend your free times? Hobby/Leisure Activity
149 How often do you do this activity or hobby? Hobby/Leisure Activity
150 Do you do it on your own or with other people? Hobby/Leisure Activity
151 Do you belong to a club related to this hobby/ activity? Hobby/Leisure Activity
152 How did you learn about how to do this hobby/ activity? Hobby/Leisure Activity
153 Do you need special equipment for it? Hobby/Leisure Activity
154 What do you like most about it? Hobby/Leisure Activity
155 What kind of things do you do in your free time? Hobby/Leisure Activity
156 How long have you been doing them? Hobby/Leisure Activity
157 What is it about them that you enjoy particularly? Hobby/Leisure Activity
158 What you do in your spare time? Hobby/Leisure Activity
159 Do you have any hobbies or interest? Hobby/Leisure Activity
160 How did you first become interested in that? Hobby/Leisure Activity
161 Do you have any hobbies or interests? Why? Hobby/Leisure Activity
162 How did you become interested in (whatever hobbies the candidate mentions)? Hobby/Leisure Activity
163 What is there in your country/ hometown to do in your free times? Hobby/Leisure Activity
164 Describe a place where you were born? Hometown/Birthplace
165 Tell me about the main types of buildings there. Hometown/Birthplace
166 How have buildings in your hometown changed since you were a child? Hometown/Birthplace
167 Can you describe your hometown for me? Hometown/Birthplace
168 Which part of your country do most people live? Hometown/Birthplace
169 Tell me about the main industries in your city. Hometown/Birthplace
170 Tell me about your hometown. Hometown/Birthplace
171 Can you describe your hometown? Hometown/Birthplace
172 Where is your hometown? Hometown/Birthplace
173 Where were you born? Hometown/Birthplace
174 What part of the city do you live in? Hometown/Birthplace
175 What are the main tourist attractions in your country? Hometown/Birthplace
176 Which museums have you visited recently? Museum
177 What did you enjoy seeing there? Museum
178 Which famous museum would you like to visit? Museum
179 Which collections would you particularly like to see there? Museum
180 Which instruments do you like listening to most? Why? Music
181 Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument at school? Why? Music
182 Do you think children should learn to play a musical instrument at school? Music
183 How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher? Music
184 What is the national music of your country? What instruments are used? Music
185 How important is music in your culture and traditions? Music
186 On what occasions does music play an important role in your country? Music
187 How important is music in your life? Music
188 Where do you normally get news from? News
189 How do you think news reporting in your country differs from the abroad? News
190 Tell me about an interesting news items you’ve read or heard recently? News
191 Is photography becoming more popular these days, in your experience? Photograph
192 Would you agree with the saying: “Camera never lies”? Photograph
193 Would you say photography is an art? Photograph
194 Do you enjoy your time at school? School
195 Would you recommend your school to others? School
196 What subject did you find most interesting when you were at school? School
197 Apart from classes, what else did you enjoy at school? School
198 Do you think you will stay friends with people from your school? School
199 What study or training would you like to do in the future? School
200 What were your favorite subjects at school? School
201 Did you learn a language at school? School
202 How long have you been studying? School
203 What subject did you find the most difficult to study? School
204 What do you like/dislike about studying? School
205 Do you hope to gain any qualifications? School
206 Do hope to do any further studies in the future? School
207 What do you remember about your first school, when you were a child? School
208 In what ways have life changed since you were a child? School
209 What was your favorite subject? Why? School
210 What did you study at high school? School
211 Which is the most popular sport in your country? School
212 How do people spend their weekends in your hometown? School
213 Could you tell me why you choose to study at University? School
214 Do you live near the sea? Sea
215 How do you feel when you are near the sea? Sea
216 What do you like/ dislike about the sea? Sea
217 Would you like to live on an island? Why? Sea
218 What sports do you like? Sport
219 What sports are played in your country? Sport
220 What are sporting facilities like in your home town? Sport
221 What is your favorite sport? Sport
222 When did you become interested in it? Sport
223 How often do you participate in this sport? Sport
224 What equipment do you need for that sport? Sport
225 Where do you do this sport? Sport
226 What sports are played in your country? Sport
227 What are sporting facilities like in your hometown? Sport
228 Do you watch a lot of TV? Television
229 Tell me about TV in your country. Television
230 Do you watch a lot of TV? Television
231 What is your favorite TV program? Television
232 Is TV more important to you now than in the past? Television
233 How often do you watch TV? Television
234 What are the benefits of visiting different countries? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
235 What are the negative effects of tourism? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
236 What do you need to do before you go abroad on holiday? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
237 What type of problems can people have on holiday? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
238 How should countries encourage tourists to come to their country? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
239 How do you think tourism in your country will change in the future? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
240 How easy is it to travel around your country? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
241 Where would you like to travel in future? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
242 What role does tourism play in your country’s economy? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
243 Is there anything you don’t like doing on holiday? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
244 Do you prefer to spend your holidays alone or with your friends? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
245 What is your favorite holiday activity? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
246 Do you enjoy traveling? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
247 Tell me about the best place you have ever visited. Travel/Tourism/Holiday
248 Do you agree with the saying” Travel broadens the mind”? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
249 What experience do you have of traveling to other countries? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
250 Country would you especially like to visit? Why? Travel/Tourism/Holiday
251 What are the main tourist attractions there? Travel/Tourism/Holiday

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