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In this article, you’ll find some important vocabulary words about food and cooking. The words at the top of the list are the ones most associated with food, and as you go down the relatedness becomes more slight.

There are already a bunch of websites that help you find synonyms for various words, but only a handful that help you find related, or even loosely associated words. So although you might see some synonyms of food in the list below, many of the words below will have other relationships with food.

So it’s the sort of list that would be useful for helping you build a food vocabulary list, or just a general food word list for whatever purpose, but it’s not necessarily going to be useful if you’re looking for words that mean the same thing as food.

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Almond An almond is a type of nut.
2 Apple An apple is a juicy fruit that grows on an apple tree.
3 Appleseed Appleseed was a legendary man who planted apple trees through the USA. His real name was John Chapman, but he was called Johnny Appleseed because of his love for growing apple trees.
4 Artichoke The artichoke is a spiny, green vegetable.
5 Avocado The avocado is an oily, green fruit; it is sometimes called the alligator pear. Avocados grow on trees in warm areas.
6 Bagel A bagel is a chewy kind of roll.
7 Baker A baker bakes food in the oven, like breads, cakes, and cookies.
8 Banana Bananas are a sweet, yellow fruit.
9 Batter A batter is an uncooked, liquid mixture of flour, eggs, butter and other ingredients. When a batter is cooked, it becomes solid. Cookies, cakes, and muffins are made from batter.
10 Birthday cake Birthday cakes are sweet and delicious!
11 Blackberry Blackberries are dark-colored, edible berries that grow on prickly vines.
12 Bowl You can eat soup or cereal in a bowl.
13 Bread Bread is made from flour and is baked in an oven.
14 Breakfast Breakfast is a meal that is eaten in the morning.
15 Broccoli Broccoli is a green vegetable.
16 Bubble gum You can chew bubble gum and blow bubbles.
17 Bun A bun is a sweet roll. butter Butter is a rich spread made from cream.
18 Cake Cake is a sweet dessert.
19 Candy Candy is very sweet
20 Carrot A carrot is an orange vegetable that grows underground.
21 Cauliflower Cauliflower is a white vegetable; it is related to broccoli.
22 Celery Celery is a crisp, green vegetable.
23 Cheese Cheese is a food made from milk.
24 Chef A chef cooks food.
25 Cherries Cherries are a sweet, tangy, red fruit.
26 Chocolate Chocolate is a tasty treat made from cocoa beans and sugar.
27 Chopsticks Chopsticks are eating utensils used by many people in Asia.
28 Coffee Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans.
29 Cookie Cookies are small, sweet, baked treats.
30 Cork A cork is used as a bottle stopper. It is made from tree bark.
31 Corn Corn is a yellow vegetable you can eat on its cob. Corn was grown by Native Americans for thousands of years before the Europeans settled in North America.
32 Cornucopia A cornucopia, also called a horn of plenty, is a horn-shaped basket that is filled with fruit and grains. It is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.
33 Cotton candy  Cotton candy is a sweet treat that is spun from sugar.
34 Cream Cream is the richest part of milk. Butter and ice cream are made from cream.
35 Cucumber Cucumber is a cool, crisp vegetable that is good in salad.
36 Cuisine A cuisine is a style of preparing food.
37 Cupboard Things are stored in cupboards. cup You can drink from a cup.
38 Cupcake A cupcake is a tiny cake.
39 Dessert Desserts are sweet treats.
40 Diet A balanced diet is good for you.
41 Dinner Dinner is a meal that is eaten in the evening.
42 Dish We eat food on a dish.
43 Doughnut Doughnuts are sweet and have a hole in their middle
44 Drink People need to drink water every day.
45 Egg carton Egg cartons hold eggs and keep them from breaking.
46 Eat We eat when we are hungry.
47 Egg Many animals hatch from eggs. Dinosaurs hatched from eggs. People eat a lot of chicken eggs.
48 Eggplant An eggplant is a purple vegetable.
49 Flour Flour is ground up grain (like wheat). Bread is made from flour.
50 Food We eat food to get energy and to grow.
51 Food pyramid  The food pyramid is a diagram that lets you know the US government’s recommended diet.
52 Food web  The food web (or food chain) is all of the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food.
53 Fork Forks are used for eating solid food.
54 Freezer A freezer keeps things icy.
55 Fruit Fruit is the part of some plants that contains the seeds. Apples, strawberries, oranges, and bananas are fruit.
56 Frying pan  You can cook food in a frying pan.
57 Gingerbread Gingerbread is a spicy cookie. Gingerbread men and gingerbread women are cookies shaped like little people.
58 Glass We drink out of glasses.
59 Grapefruit Grapefruits are a type of citrus fruit that sometime squirt you when you eat them.
60 Grapes Grapes are delicious fruit that grow on vines.
61 Grater A grater is a tool used to cut food into tiny pieces.
62 Green bean  A green bean is a long, thin, green vegetable. It is pod that contains bean seeds. It is also called a string bean.
63 Ham Ham is a type of meat that comes from the top part of a pig’s leg.
64 Hamburger A hamburger is a cooked patty of ground beef, usually served in a bun.
65 Honey
Honey is a sweet substance made by bees.
66 Hot dog A hot dog is a type of cooked meat in the shape of a sausage; it is usually served in a long bun.
67 Hungry When you’re hungry, you want to eat some food.
68 Ice Ice is frozen water.
69 Ice cream Ice cream is cold, creamy, and sweet treat.
70 Icecream cone An ice cream cone is nice to eat on a hot summer day.
71 Iced tea  Iced tea is a cold drink.
72 Jam Jam is a spread made from fruit.
73 Jelly Jelly is a spread made from fruit juice.
74 Jellybeans Jellybeans are colorful and sweet.
75 Jug A jug holds a liquid, like water.
76 Juice Juice is pressed from fruit or vegetables.
77 Kettle A kettle is a pot in which you boil water.
78 Kitchen People prepare and store food in a kitchen.
79 Kiwi The kiwi is a tangy fruit that grows in warm areas.
80 Knife You can cut things with a knife.
81 Ladle A ladle is a large spoon used to serve soup and gravy.
82 Lemon A lemon is a sour, yellow fruit.
83 Lemonade Lemonade is a drink made from water, lemon juice, and sugar.
84 Lettuce Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that is good in salads.
85 Licorice Licorice is a type of candy.
86 Lime A lime is a sour, green citrus fruit.
87 Lollipop A lollipop is candy on a stick.
88 Lunch Lunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the day.
89 Lunch box  Some people carry their lunch in a lunch box.
90 Macaroni Macaroni is a tube-shaped noodle.
91 Meal Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are meals.
92 Measuring cup  A measuring cup is useful in baking and cooking.
93 Meat Meat is a type of food that comes from animals. Some types of meat are beef and ham.
94 Melon Melons are fruits that have a rind.
95 Microwave oven  Microwave ovens heat up food quickly.
96 Milk
Milk comes from cows and other mammals.
97 Muffin Muffins are small, baked goods made from a batter.
98 Mug A mug is a large cup.
99 Mushroom Mushrooms are fast-growing fungi. They grow in dark, damp places.
100 Napkin After you eat, you can clean your face with a napkin.
101 Nectarine A nectarine is a sweet, juicy fruit with smooth skin; it is related to the peach.
102 Noodles Noodles are flat strips of pasta. Noodles were invented in China.
103 Nut A nut is a dry seed or fruit with a hard shell.
104 Oatmeal Oatmeal is a cereal.
105 Oil Oil is a greasy liquid.
106 Olive An olive is an oily fruit that grows on an evergreen tree.
107 Omelet An omelet is a dish made from eggs.
108 Omnivore An omnivore is an animal that eats plants and meat. People are omnivores
109 Onion Onions are sharp tasting vegetables.
110 Orange Oranges are sweet, juicy fruit.
111 Orange juice  Orange juice is made from oranges.
112 Oven Ovens get very hot. You can bake food in an oven.
113 Oven mitt  An oven mitt protects your hand when you put things in or out of an oven.
114 Oyster The oyster is a soft-bodied marine animal that is protected by two hard shells.
115 Pan You can cook food in a pan.
116 Paper plate  A paper plate is a disposable plate that is made out of paper. People use paper plates at picnics.
117 Pasta Pasta is a type of food made from flour. Spaghetti and macaroni are types of pasta.
118 Peach Peaches are sweet, juicy fruit with fuzzy skin.
119 Peanut Peanuts grow underground; they are a type of legume.
120 Pear The pear is a sweet fruit with a thin skin.
121 Pea pod  Peas grow in pea pods.
122 Peas Peas are small, round vegetables.
123 Pepper Pepper is a spice that many people use to season their food.
124 Pepper A pepper is a sharptasting, hollow vegetable. Peppers can be red, green, yellow, and orange.
125 Pickle A pickle is a cucumber that is preserved in brine.
126 Pie A pie is a dessert that is made with fruit and has a crust.
127 Pitcher A pitcher is a container for pouring liquids.
128 Pizza Pizza is made of dough that is covered with tomato sauce and cheese; it is baked in an oven.
129 Plate A plate is a flat dish on which we put food.
130 Plum A plum is a sweet, juicy, purple fruit.
131 Pod Peas grow in pea pods.
132 Popsicle A popsicles is a sweet, frozen treat on a stick.
133 Pot
People cook food in pots.
134 Potato Potatoes are starchy vegetables that grow undergound.
135 Pretzel Pretzels are salty, knotted snacks.
136 Prune A prune is a dried plum.
137 Pumpkin The pumpkin is a large, orange vegetable that grows on a vine.
138 Pumpkin pie  Pumpkin pie is a dessert made from pumpkins.
139 Radish A radish is a sharptasting vegetable that grows underground.
140 Raisin Raisins are dried grapes.
141 Raspberry Raspberries are a type of edible berry that grows on a prickly vine.
142 Recipe A recipe is a set of instructions for making a type of food.
143 Refrigerator A refrigerator is a machine that keeps food cold
144 Rice Rice is a food. It is a grain that grows in warm, wet soil. Rice is an important food in much of Asia.
145 Roll A roll is a small piece of baked dough.
146 Rolling pin A rolling pin is used to roll out dough.
147 Salad A salad is a type of food that is usually made with lettuce and other vegetables.
148 Salami Salami is a type of salty, spicy meat product, usually made from beef and/or pork.
149 Salt Salt is an important crystalline mineral that we use to season our food.
150 Sandwich A sandwich is cheese, peanut butter, meat, or another filling between two slices of bread.
151 Sausage Sausage is a type of meat.
152 Slice When something is sliced, thin pieces are cut from it.
153 Soup Soup is a type of food. Vegetable soup and chicken soup are two kinds of soup.
154 Spatula A spatula is a tool that has a wide, flat end.
155 Spoon A spoon is used for eating food like soup and cereal.
156 Squash Squash grows in warm weather.
157 Steak Steak is a slice of meat.
158 Stove You can cook food on a stove.
159 Strawberry The strawberry is a sweet, red fruit.
160 String bean A string bean is a long, thin, green vegetable. It is pod that contains bean seeds. It is also called a green bean.
161 Sugar Sugar is a sweet food.
162 Sunflower A sunflower is a plant that turns to face the sun.
163 Tea Tea is a drink that is brewed from tea leaves.
164 Teapot You can brew tea in a teapot.
165 Toaster A toaster is a machine that heats up slices of bread, making toast.
166 Tomato Tomatoes are soft and tangy; they grow on vines.
167 Tuna The tuna is a very large, bony fish that lives in the ocean. People eat a lot of tuna.
168 Turkey Turkeys are large birds that nest on the ground.
169 Utensils Utensils are tools used in the kitchen, like knives, forks, and spoons.
170 Vegetable Vegetables are very good for you.
171 Vinegar Vinegar is a sour liquid that is used to flavor or preserve foods.
172 Walnut A walnut is an edible nut from the walnut tree.
173 Water Water is a liquid that we drink and use to wash. Water covers over two thirds of the surface of the Earth, and much of our body is made of water.
174 Water bottle  A water bottle holds water.
175 Watermelon Watermelon is a large, delicious, red fruit with a thick green rind.
176 Wheat Wheat is a grain. Flour is made from ground-up wheat.
177 Whisk A whisk is used to beat eggs or batter.
178 Wok A wok is a cooking pot used in Asia.
179 Yam Yams are sweet vegetables that grow underground.
180 Yogurt Yogurt is a dairy food made from milk.
181 Yolk The yolk of an egg is yellow and contains stored food for a bird or reptile before it hatches.
182 Zucchini Zucchini is a type of squash

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