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Words Science and Arts Eduhyme

This article is about how you can help your students learn, use and remember Words Pertaining to Science and Arts. Many students have difficulty to remember these words. They do not understand many words, and even after translating them, it is difficult for students to remember their meaning.

It has been observed that students learn Science and Arts ​​best when they experience them in context and use the language independently in speaking and writing.

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Learning a new word or phrase once does not mean that the student will be able to remember and use it. This is why students will also need support to learn how to relate these words. If students improve their knowledge, they will be able to understand their theory more easily and write and speak better, resulting in them doing better on exams as well.

1 The science of sound Acoustics
2 The science of aviation Aeronautics
3 The study of man, especially, of the evolution and customs of mankind Anthropology
4 The study of human antiquities Archaeology
5 The science of heavenly bodies Astronomy
6 The science of travel in space Astronautics
7 The science of life and living things Biology
8 The science of plants Botany
9 The art of making pottery Ceramics
10 The science of colours Chromatology
11 The study of statistics of births, deaths ,diseases, etc. of a community Demography
12 The art of effective speaking esp. in public Elocution
13 The study of insects Entomology
14 The science which deals with the variances of the human race Ethnology
15 The science of the origin and history of words Etymology
16 The study of coins or coinage Numismatic
17 The study of birds Ornithology
18 The study of mountains Orology
19 The study of ancient modes of writing Paleography
20 The art of elegant speech of writing Rhetoric
21 The science of poisons Toxicology
22 Using hypnosis Hypnotherapy
23 Using natural things Naturopathy
24 Using exercise, massage Physiotherapy


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