Word Forms: Nouns From Adjectives


Change the adjective in bold in each of these sentences to a noun so that the word is grammatically correct in the sentence.

1. Items of valuable can be left in the safe at reception.

2. Money cannot make up for bad tasteful and bad manners.

3. Do you have a thirsty for knowledge? Then why not enroll on one of our evening college courses?

4. It is often said that “honest is the best policy”.

5 It can often be lack of confident that prevents a student from maximizing his or her potential.

6. Many people heading off to college for the first time are often unaware of the expensive involved in simple day-to-day life.

7. Student discounts are offered on most products and services on our website, although some restricted apply.

8. There were a few similar between the Boeing 727 and the Tupolev 154, but these were mainly cosmetic.

9. The Director of Studies is unable to say with any certain when the new changes will be implemented.

10. Unnecessary absent from work is costing American companies millions of dollars a year.

11. Please complete the form and return it at your earliest convenient.

12. The student union has questioned the necessary of CCTV in the library, but the management insists it is necessary in order to reduce petty theft.

13. Despite a relaxed of regulations, many feel that they are under too much pressure to conform to a set out outdated rules.

14. Sometimes in business, rules have to be changed according to needs: flexible is the key to success.

15. Health and safe issues should be a priority with any organization.

16. The management accepts no responsible for items lost or stolen in the cafeteria and immediate area.

17. In advertising, accurate is very important when it comes to identifying the target market.

18. The legal professional is often criticized for concentrating on making money instead of upholding the law.

19. There were several unforeseen complicated with the new airport extension owing to opposition from environmental groups.

20. Do you know the different between net profit and gross profit? Is overtime the same as allowed time? If you answered “no” to the first and “yes” to the second, it’s time you joined our “Business for Basics” course!

21. His success and popularity were probably due in part to his wonderful charismatic.

22. There is a growing problem of drug addicted in our cities.

23. The U.S. constitutional guarantees freedom of the press.

24. As soon as the investigative is complete, we can make a decision.

25. There can be no justified for paying health workers so little money.

26. By the time he was thirty, he was no longer able to differentiate between fantasy and real.

Correct Answers:

  1. value
  2. taste
  3. thirst
  4. honesty
  5. confidence
  6. expense
  7. restrictions
  8. similarities
  9. certainty
  10. absenteeism (or absence)
  11. convenience
  12. necessity
  13. relaxation
  14. flexibility
  15. safety
  16. responsibility
  17. accuracy
  18. profession
  19. complications
  20. difference
  21. charisma
  22. addiction
  23. Constitution (note that this particular example begins with a capital letter)
  24. investigation
  25. justification
  26. reality
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