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The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers in a business or professional context. The test is widely used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of job candidates, employees, and students.

The TOEIC test consists of two parts: the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test. The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is a paper-and-pencil test that consists of multiple-choice questions, while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test is a computer-based test that consists of spoken and written responses to prompts.

The test is designed to measure a wide range of English language skills, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking ability, and writing ability. Overall, the TOEIC is a widely recognized and respected English language proficiency test that is used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of non-native speakers.

Q&A Topic: Ways of disagreeing

Disagreement is a natural and common part of human interaction and communication. It arises from differences in perspectives, opinions, beliefs, and values. However, how we express our disagreement can greatly impact the quality of our relationships and the effectiveness of our communication.

Start by acknowledging the other person’s point of view and then express your own perspective. Use “I” statements to share your thoughts and feelings, such as “I see it differently” or “I have a different perspective on this.”

Show that you are actively engaged in the conversation by listening carefully to the other person’s viewpoint. Summarize their argument before offering your counterpoints to demonstrate that you’ve understood their perspective.

Seek clarification to ensure you fully understand the other person’s position. Ask open-ended questions like “Could you explain that further?” or “What leads you to believe that?”

Here are some questions that can help you to clear the TOEIC exam:

Q1 I’ll have to __________ company with you there, I’m afraid.

(a) separate
(b) divide
(c) part
(d) leave

Answer: (c) part

Q2 There’s no way I can __________ that.

(a) incline
(b) consume
(c) indicate
(d) accept

Answer: (d) accept

Q3 We’ll have to agree to __________ over that.

(a) differ
(b) differentiate
(c) deny
(d) decide

Answer: (a) differ

Q4 Don’t even think about it! I can’t possibly take that on __________.

(a) deck
(b) place
(c) board
(d) position

Answer: (c) board

Q5 No matter how __________ you are, I won’t change my mind.

(a) perceptive
(b) perverse
(c) pernicious
(d) persuasive

Answer: (d) persuasive

Q6 You can’t talk until the __________ come home. I won’t accept that scheme.

(a) dogs
(b) cows
(c) cats
(d) hens

Answer: (b) cows

Q7 Sorry the subject is now __________.

(a) closed
(b) locked
(c) done
(d) completed

Answer: (a) closed

Q8 I regret I have no choice but to reject the plan out of __________.

(a) power
(b) court
(c) hand
(d) grip

Answer: (c) hand

Q9 No matter how much you object, I am __________ I am right and you’re wrong.

(a) convicted
(b) convinced
(c) conduced
(d) concerned

Answer: (b) convinced

Q10 You might as well admit it! You haven’t a __________ to stand on.

(a) foot
(b) arm
(c) hand
(d) leg

Answer: (d) leg

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