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Ways of Commenting Eduhyme TOEIC Questions

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers in a business or professional context. The test is widely used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of job candidates, employees, and students.

The TOEIC test consists of two parts: the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test. The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is a paper-and-pencil test that consists of multiple-choice questions, while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test is a computer-based test that consists of spoken and written responses to prompts.

The test is designed to measure a wide range of English language skills, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking ability, and writing ability. Overall, the TOEIC is a widely recognized and respected English language proficiency test that is used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of non-native speakers.

Q&A Topic: Ways of commenting

Commenting is a vital aspect of communication, particularly in the digital realm where it is utilized across various platforms such as social media, blogs, forums, and more. Effective commenting allows individuals to express their opinions, engage in discussions, provide feedback, or contribute to a community.

Here are some questions that can help you to clear the TOEIC exam:

Q1 If you want my honest opinion, I thought the play was __________.

(a) litter
(b) dust
(c) waste
(d) rubbish

Answer: (d) rubbish

Q2 It was quite a good film but I thought the characters were a bit like __________.

(a) paper
(b) cardboard
(c) plastic
(d) material

Answer: (b) cardboard

Q3 It’s quite a nice car but there was not very much __________ in the back.

(a) area
(b) limit
(c) room
(d) fullness

Answer: (c) room

Q4 She’s pleasant enough but not very pretty. In fact I’d say she was rather __________.

(a) plain
(b) straight
(c) simple
(d) casual

Answer: (a) plain

Q5 The first time you see the view you can’t believe it. It almost takes your breath __________.

(a) out
(b) over
(c) under
(d) away

Answer: (d) away

Q6 I sat through the concert feeling really bored and sleepy and had to stop myself from __________ several times.

(a) gaping
(b) yawning
(c) stretching
(d) crying

Answer: (b) yawning

Q7 It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I just wanted the ground to __________ up and swallow me.

(a) ease
(b) throe
(c) open
(d) crack

Answer: (c) open

Q8 In my opinion no one in their right mind would ever go and pay to see a play __________ that.

(a) as
(b) same
(c) more
(d) like

Answer: (d) like

Q9 The room was good, the bed was comfortable and the service was excellent but the hotel food left a lot to be __________.

(a) required
(b) desired
(c) demanded
(d) included

Answer: (b) desired

Q10 To be perfectly honest with you I think that this is the best test I’ve ever taken in my entire __________.

(a) life
(b) days
(c) duration
(d) stay

Answer: (a) life

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