Walking: IELTS Speaking Questions with Answers

Walking IELTS Speaking Questions Answers Eduhyme

Talking about walking in IELTS Speaking can be a challenge, not only for the vocabulary, but also knowing what to talk about. The IELTS Speaking Module is designed to assess your English Language Speaking Skills. To ensure a good score in the IELTS Speaking Module, you must study and practice the common Speaking Question types.

Get ideas on  the sample answers below and practice to achieve your target band score. Here are some of the questions asked:

1. Do you like to walk?

Answer – I love it! I’d say it’s my preferred method of travel. For one, I feel relaxed when I walk, so I feel it improves my mental health. Furthermore, I like to lead a healthy lifestyle, so walking helps me achieve this.

2. Do you walk very much?

Answer – As often as possible. I have to drive to work, but I try to get my steps in by walking to places that are close enough from my house- such as the pharmacy, grocery store, and corner store. Moreover, the weather has been delightful, so I try to go on an evening stroll (walk) at least 3 times a week at sunset.

3. Do you like to walk on your own or with friends?

Answer – To be honest, I kind of prefer to walk alone. For one, I’m kind of a slow walker, so I don’t like it when other people pressure (pressure somebody to do something to persuade somebody to do something) me to stay at their pace (speed). By the same token, I enjoy the self-reflection time I have when I walk.

4. Would you say your city is a good place for walking?

Answer – Not really. For one, it’s extremely hot and humid, so that makes it difficult to walk. Furthermore, almost everyone owns a car, so walking isn’t very common.

However, there are sidewalks and beach promenades (a path for walking on), so walking is a possibility.

5. Do you spend enough time walking?

Answer – A fair amount, but I would like to do more. I walk at every opportunity I have, but I would like to integrate it into my daily routine more. For example, maybe

I can map out (plan) a way to walk to a public transportation stop to get to work instead of simply jumping in (getting in) my car.

6. Do you walk more often now than (you did) in the past?

Answer – Yes, I do. As I’ve gotten heavier with age, I’ve started to make changes in my lifestyle, which includes more walking. I notice now that I walk more, I feel more limber (able to stretch).

7. Do you think people will be walking more in the future?

Answer – I doubt it. I imagine that as technology continues to advance, less and less people will want to rely on their own two feet. You can even see instances (examples) of this now, as renting bikes and scooters is now the norm (the usual) on every corner.

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