Vocabulary Record Sheet Template and Sample

Vocabulary Sample Record Sheet and Template Eduhyme

Photocopy this page as many times as you like, and use it to keep a record of new words, phrases, and expressions that you learn. Try to build up a personal vocabulary bank, and keep this in a file or folder with the words, etc., stored in alphabetical order. See the next page for a sample completed record sheet.

Word or phrase:   –
Topic area(s) (if relevant):   –
Definition(s):   –
Translation or equivalent in my language:   –
Other forms of this word (if relevant):   –
Sample sentences:   –
Other collocations:   –
Related words, phrases, and expressions:   –
Other information:

Sample Vocabulary Record Sheet

Word or phrase: Reject (verb, regular, transitive)
Topic area(s) (if relevant): Refusing or disagreeing
  1. to not agree to an offer, proposal, or request.
  2. to disagree with an idea, argument, or suggestion.
  3. to refuse to take something, maybe because it is damaged.
  4. to behave in an unkind way to someone who wants kindness or love.
  5. (of a human body) to have a bad reaction to an organ after a transplant.
Translation or equivalent in my language: rejeter / refuser
Other forms of this word (if relevant): reject, rejection (noun)
‘Reject’ can also be used as a noun without changing its form when we are talking about something that is not accepted because it has not reached the necessary standard: ‘The computer was cheap because it was a reject’.
Sample sentences: It is almost certain that our offer will be rejected.
The court rejected the defendant’s argument.
The company rejected the whole shipment.
He claimed he had been rejected by his parents.
His body rejected the kidney and he became seriously ill.
Other collocations: to reject categorically / decisively / firmly / flatly / out of hand / outright / totally / unanimously / vigorously.
With the exception of ‘outright’ and ‘out of hand’, these words can also come before the word ‘reject’.
Related words, phrases, and expressions: refuse, decline, turn down, throw out, veto, dismiss, rebuff, shun, snub, take a rain check (idiom. ‘Would you like to go for a meal tonight?’ ‘I’ll take a rain check, if that’s ok with you’)
Other information:
The opposite of reject is accept. The opposite of rejection is acceptance.
Reject is often used with as + an adjective or adjective phrase:
‘He rejected the idea as ridiculous’. ‘She rejected my offer as being too expensive’.
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