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Science is the study of the world around us, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. It is a fascinating subject that can help us understand how the universe works. If you’re looking to test your knowledge of science or just want to learn some interesting facts, here are the top 50 one-liner science questions that cover various fields of science.

S.No. Question Answer
1 Which chemist propounded the principle of life force? Bergilius
2 The most abundant organic compound found in nature is Cellulose
3 Camphor is purified by which method? Sublimation
4 The process of vaporization of solid camphor is called Sublimation
5 Why is diesel used in heavy vehicles? High efficiency and economic savings
6 Commercial Vaseline is extracted from? Petroleum
7 Paraffin is a by-product of? Petroleum refining
8 What is the main component of petrol? Octane
9 The wax obtained from petroleum is Paraffin wax
10 How is the quality of a gasoline sample determined? By its octane number
11 Which gas is mainly present in the mixture of gases coming out of Septic Tank? Methane
12 Mainly found in cow dung gas Methane
13 It is the main component of natural gas. Methane
14 It is the main component of Bio Gas. Methane
15 Which gas comes out from marshy land? Methane
16 The gas mainly used for cooking is Methane
17 What is LPG a mixture of? Butane and propane
18 Which gas was used as a chemical weapon in World War I? Mustard gas
19 Which gas is used for welding metals? Acetylene
20 The refrigerant is Freon Difluoro dichloro methane
21 Indane gas is a mixture of butane and Propane
22 When carbon monoxide reacts with H2 at 300°C Methane is formed
23 The name of the gas used for ripening raw fruits artificially is – Acetylene is formed by pouring water on calcium carbide Acetylene
24 Which gas is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer? Chlorofluorocarbons
25 Used to extinguish electrical fires Pyrene fire extinguisher
26 What is wood spirit? Methyl alcohol
27 Ethyl alcohol is present in Wine
28 Consuming ethyl alcohol in excess has a bad effect on the Liver
29 In those alcohol tragedies that result in blindness etc., the harmful substance is Methyl alcohol
30 What is the end product of alcoholic fermentation? Ethyl alcohol
31 What is the chemical formula of C2 H5OH? Ethyl alcohol
32 What other names is methanol known by? Wood alcohol
33 What process results in the formation of alcohol? Fermentation
34 Antifreeze mixtures are used in radiators of automobiles in cold countries. What happens in this mixture? Water and ethylene glycol
35 Aldol condensation cannot occur between? An aldehyde and an ester
36 The pyroligneous acid obtained from wood contains 10% acetic acid.
37 What process is adopted in the production of biodiesel? Transesterification
38 When ants bite, they inject Formic acid
39 Bee stings release an acid, which causes pain and burning. What is this injected acid? Methanoic acid
40 Which acid is present in vinegar? Hydrochloric acid
41 Molasses is an excellent raw material for Acetic acid
42 Oxalic acid is found in Tomato sauce
43 What is the main component of Vinegar? Acetic acid
44 Vinegar is 5% solution of acetic acid in water
45 If milk is kept uncovered for a long time, it turns sour. What causes this? Lactic acid
46 Accumulation of which fluid in the muscles causes fatigue? Lactic acid
47 Why is lemon sour? Citric acid
48 Stones formed in human kidney are usually made up of Calcium oxalate
49 Which acid is used in photography? Oxalic acid
50 In what form is oxalic acid present in plant cells? Calcium oxalate


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