Test Your Understanding of the English – Who, Which and That

English Questions Who Which That Eduhyme

Use “which” for things and “who” for people and “that” for things and, informally, for people. Even though these pronouns seem interchangeable, they’re not. There are specific times to use each one.

  • Who: When describing people
  • That: When describing objects or groups
  • Which: When describing objects

Test your understanding of English by choosing the correct option:

  1. She worked for a man who / that used to be an athlete.
  2. They called a lawyer who / that lived nearby.
  3. I sent an email to my brother who / that lives in Australia.
  4. The customer liked the waitress who / that was very friendly.
  5. We broke the computer which / that belonged to my father.
  6. I dropped a glass which / that was new.
  7. She loves books which / that have happy endings.
  8. They live in a city which / that is in the north of England.
  9. The man who / that is wearing a blue jumper is in the garden.
  10. The girl who / that is from India works in a bank.
  11. My sister who / that lives in Australia has three children.
  12. The waiter who / that was wearing a blue shirt was rude.
  13. The money which / that belongs to John is in the kitchen.
  14. The table which / that was my grandmother’s got broken.
  15. The television which / that was bought 20 years ago was stolen.
  16. The fruit who / that isn’t fresh is on the table.
  17. People who / that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
  18. Walden Pond, which / that was written in the mid-1800s, remains quite popular among romantic Americans.
  19. She prefers to watch movies who / that make her cry.
  20. He bought all the books who / that are required for the course.
  21. In the crowd were several recruits who / that are regarded as excellent prospects for next year’s team.
  22. The police couldn’t find any evidence against her, which / that surprised no one who knows her well.
  23. Ravi’s child, who / that graduated from college, returned home.
  24. Surbhi don’t want to belong to any group that / which will accept me as a member.
  25. Anita is the one that / who rescued the bird.
  26. One day a friend of her that / who lived in Mumbai came to see her.

Answers –

  1. who
  2. who
  3. who
  4. who
  5. that
  6. that
  7. that
  8. that
  9. who
  10. who
  11. who
  12. who
  13. that
  14. that
  15. that
  16. that
  17. who
  18. which
  19. that
  20. that
  21. who
  22. which
  23. who
  24. that
  25. who
  26. who
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