Shapes Related Important Vocabulary Words

Shape Related Vocabulary Words Eduhyme

Learn about words related to ‘shapes’ and upgrade your vocabulary. Following is the list of 48 words used for different shapes:

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Circle A circle is round
2 Cone A cone is a shape that has a point at one end and a circular opening at the other end.
3 Crescent A crescent is the shape of the moon around the time of the new moon.
4 Cube A cube is a solid geometric figure with six square faces.
5 Curve A curve is a wavy line or surface.
6 Cylinder A cylinder is a figure with a long round body.
7 Diamond A diamond is a foursided figure whose sides are all the same length. People play baseball on a diamond-shaped field.
8 Dodecahedron A dodecahedron is a twelve-sided regular geometric solid composed of pentagons.
9 Ellipse An ellipse is a flattened circle.
10 Equilateral Triangle  The sides of an equilateral triangle are all the same length.
11 Fractal Fractals are patterns within patterns within patterns.
12 Heart The heart is a shape that often symbolizes love.
13 Heptagon A heptagon is a seven-sided figure.
14 Hexaflexagon A hexaflexagon is a folded geometric figure that can be “flexed” to expose its many sides.
15 Hexagon A hexagon is a six sided figure. Bee hives have hexagonal cells.
16 Icosahedrons Icosahedrons is a twenty-sided regular geometric solid.
17 Isosceles triangle an isosceles triangle has two sides that are the same length and two angles that are the same.
18 Kite A kite is a four-sided figure in which the two pairs of adjacent sides have the same length.
19 Line segment A line segment is a portion of a line.
20 Möbius strip A Möbius strip is a piece of paper with only one side!
21 Octagon An octagon is an eight-sided figure. Stop signs are octagons.
22 Octahedron An octahedron is an eight-sided regular geometric solid.
23 Orb A ball-shaped object is an orb.
24 Oval An oval is an egg shaped figure.
25 Parallelogram A parallelogram is a four-sided figure whose opposite sides are parallel.
26 Pentagon A pentagon is a five sided figure. .
27 Point A point is a very small dot.
28 Polka dots Polka dots are patterns of dots.
29 Polygon A polygon is a many-sided figure with straight edges.
30 Polyhedron Polyhedral are solids made from polygons.
31 Pyramid The pyramids in Egypt are huge buildings that have a square base and triangular sides.
32 Quadrilateral A quadrilateral is a four-sided figure. The square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, kite, and parallelogram are quadrilaterals.
33 Rectangle A rectangle is a foursided figure whose sides are at right angles to each other.
34 Rhombus A rhombus is a parallelogram with equal-length sides.
35 Right triangle A right triangle has one angle that is a right angle (extending 90 degrees).
36 Round Round things are curved. A circle is round.
37 Scalene triangle  The sides of a scalene triangle are all different lengths.
38 Semicircle A semicircle is half a circle.
39 Shapes Everything has a shape.
40 Sphere A sphere is a ball shaped object.
41 Spiral A spiral is a curve that winds in on itself. Snail shells have a spiral pattern.
42 Square A square has four, equally long sides which are at right angles to each other.
43 Star A star is a shape that has many points.
44 Tetrahedron A tetrahedron is a pyramid formed by four triangles.
45 Torus A torus is a doughnut-shaped object.
46 Trapezoid A trapezoid is a foursided figure with two parallel sides.
47 Triangle A triangle has three sides.
48 Zigzag A zigzag is a line that sharply turns back and forth.

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