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The topics in IELTS Speaking Exam are always about something familiar to you, such as “What you do”, “How are you? etc.

You should not speak too quickly or too slowly. It is also important to have good intonation and stress. You will not get a high score if you are too hesitant and have too many pauses when you speak, although a few pauses to collect your thoughts are fine.

Try not to speak too quickly, either. Rapid speech often indicates a lack of cohesion in what you are saying and severely affects the rhythm and flow of your speech.

Below is the list of few IELTS Speaking Questions by Mark Allen in Seasons category:

Question – Which season do you like best? Why?

Answer – My favorite season is spring, because flowers begin to bloom and the weather starts to warm up.

Note: My favorite season is summer, because I like hot weather and lots of sunshine.

My favorite season is fall, because I like cooler weather, and then the leaves on the trees start to change color. It’s really beautiful.

My favorite season is winter, because I like cold weather, and I always hope it will snow.

I like spring because it is starting to get warm and isn’t too cold or too hot. I don’t like the others because winter is too cold, summer is too hot and autumn is starting to get cold.

Question – What do people do in this season?

Answer – In spring, because people have holidays, they often like to visit their hometowns or other beautiful places.

Note: In summer, because the weather is so warm, some people like to go to the beach, or go outside. Other people would rather stay indoors with their air-con on.

In autumn, because the weather starts to get cooler, people usually like to travel.

In winter, if you live somewhere where the weather gets very cold, people like to ice skate, or ski. If you don’t like cold weather, you stay inside and keep warm.

Question – Do you think the seasons have changed in recent years, compared to the past?

Answer – Nowadays, there are many changes in the seasons. Sometimes the summers are unusually hot, or the winters unusually warm, or the rains come too early or too late.

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