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Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies Eduhyme

Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies by Mark Pennington is a series of books designed to help students in grades 1-8 develop their reading comprehension skills. The series includes a total of eight books, each focusing on a different aspect of reading comprehension.

The books are designed to be engaging and user-friendly, with clear explanations and plenty of practice exercises. Some of the key skills covered in the series include identifying main ideas, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and summarizing.

Each book in the series includes short passages followed by comprehension questions and other exercises designed to reinforce the targeted skills. The books also include vocabulary lists and tips for test-taking, making them a great resource for students preparing for standardized tests.

All books are a valuable resource for teachers and parents looking to help their students develop strong reading comprehension skills. The series is designed to be effective and easy to use, providing students with the skills they need to become confident and successful readers.

Here are the list of books collections that you may find useful:

S.No. Book Name Total Pages
1 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 3 147 Pages
2 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 4 146 Pages
3 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 5 146 Pages
4 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 6 147 Pages
5 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 7 146 Pages
6 Reading Comprehension Skills – Level 8 146 Pages


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