Preposition Exercises (Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3)

Preposition Exercises English Eduhyme

Preposition is a word which shows the relation between the two Nouns /Pronoun. In other words, a preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, time, place, location, spatial relationships, or to introduce an object.

Some examples of prepositions are words like “in,” “at,” “on,” “of,” and “to.”

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Prepositions always tell us where or when something is in relation to something else. When monsters are approaching, it’s good to have these special words to tell us where those monsters are. Are they behind us or in front of us? Will they be arriving in three seconds or at midnight?

Types of Prepositions

Prepositions indicate direction, time, location, and spatial relationships, as well as other abstract types of relationships.

  • Direction: Look to the left and you’ll see our destination.
  • Time: We’ve been working since this morning.
  • Location: We saw a movie at the theater.
  • Space: The dog hid under the table.

Exercise – Set 1 – To Remember –

S.No. Incorrect Correct
1 Learn word by word word for word
2 Sit under the shade of a tree in the shade
3 Write with ink in ink
4 Sita was married with Ram to Ram
5 China is in the north of India to the north
6 To meet in the way on the way
7 Different than from
8 Weak / good in a subject at a subject
9 To send on an address to an address
10 Sign with ink in ink
11 To open a book on a particular page at a particular page
12 Part with a man from a man
13 Part from property / wealth / money with property
14 Divide among two between two
15 Since the last three days for last three days
16 For 3 PM since 3 PM
17 Come off a family of a family
18 To be pleased from a man with
19 Prefer from to
20 Inferior / superior / junior / senior than to (with all words)
21 Acquitted from the charge of
22 Ashamed with / from of
23 Talk with a man to a man
24 Belong from to
25 Examination begins from on
26 Lying upon the table on
27 Fall on a table upon a table
28 Since time immemorial from
29 Climb on a tree up a tree
30 Spring on upon
31 Quarrel on a trifle over a trifle
32 Thirst of knowledge for
33 Jump at the conclusion to
34 Break into pieces to pieces
35 Absorbed with studies / business / thought in studies…..
36 To be sick from life of life
37 Love with music for music
38 Children from one’s wife by
39 Enter in an agreement into
40 Abstain to speak ill words from speaking ill words
41 Have a talk to a person with
42 Jump in the river into
43 Translate from Hindi to English into English
44 Dive in the river into the river
45 Jump to the offer at the offer
46 Full with water of water
47 Come in the room into the room
48 Rejoice at one’s success in
49 Get rid from get rid of
50 Slow at speech of

Exercise – Set 2 – Words with which Preposition is Omitted / Not used

S.No. Incorrect Correct
1 Resemble to / with Resemble
2 Investigate into Investigate
3 Ordered for Ordered
4 Love with Love
5 Enter into a house Enter a house
6 Pick up a quarrel Pick quarrel
7 Asked from Asked
8 Succeed for Succeed
9 Only to the order Only the order
10 Discuss about the problem Discuss the problem
11 Accompany with a man Accompany a man
12 Approach to a man Approach a man
13 To request to a man To request a man
14 Promise to a man Promise a man
15 Married with Married
16 Resign from Resign
17 Sign on the paper Sign the paper
18 Enough of money Enough money
19 Benefit to a man Benefit a man
20 Leave with bag and baggage Leave bag and baggage
21 Returned to home Returned home
22 Told to her Told her
23 Pity on a man Pity a man
24 Answer to a question Answer a question
25 Criticism on a man / a work Criticism a man / a work

Exercise – Set 3 – Where Preposition must be used

S.No. Incorrect Correct
1 Write a man Write to a man
2 Disposed the property Disposed of the property
3 Search something lost Search for something lost
4 Wish a thing Wish for a thing
5 A pen to write A pen to write with
6 Admit an excuse Admit of an excuse
7 Prevail a man Prevail upon a man
8 Ask something Ask for something
9 Partake something Partake of something
10 Bed to lie Bed to lie in
11 Meet an accident Meet with an accident
12 Suggest a man Suggest to a man
13 Dispense the service Dispense with the service
14 Propose a man Propose to a man
15 Listen a man Listen to a man
16 Apply the Principal Apply to the Principal
17 Apply the post Apply for the post
18 A house to live A house to live in
19 What use of it? Of what use it?
20 Prevail a man Prevail upon a man
21 Believe God Believe in God
22 Beware someone Beware of someone
23 Compensate a loss Compensate for a loss
24 Pray god Pray to god
25 What are you talking? What are you talking about?
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