Phrasal Verbs – Complete The Sentences

Phrasal Verbs

Natural English conversation includes many phrasal verbs. These are verbs made up of two words: a verb and a preposition.

For example: ‘I get up at eight o’clock’.

Complete the sentences below using the phrasal verbs in the box. You will have to change the forms of some of the verbs to make the grammar of the sentence correct.

  • break down = to start to cry and become upset
  • bring up = to cough up material such as mucus from the lungs or throat
  • cough up = to cough hard to expel a substance from the trachea
  • drop off = to fall asleep
  • get around = to move about
  • get over = to become better after an illness or a shock
  • give up = not to do something any more
  • go down = to become smaller
  • knock out = to hit someone so
  • hard that he or she is no longer conscious
  • look after = to take care of a person and attend to his or her needs
  • pass out = to faint
  • pick up = to catch a disease
  • prop up = to support a person, e.g. with pillows
  • take after = to be like one or other parent
  • take off = to remove something, especially clothes

1. He _____________ his cold.

2. The nurses are _______________her very well.

3. He must have _______________ the disease when he was travelling in Africa.

4. She often _______________ in front of the TV.

5. When we told her that her father was ill, she _______________.

6. She _______________ and cried as she described the symptoms to the doctor.

7. He _______________ his father.

8. The doctor asked him to _______________ his shirt.

9. He was _______________ mucus.

10. Since she had the accident she _______________ using crutches.

11. I was advised to _______________ smoking.

12. He was _______________ by a blow to the head.

13. The nurse _______________ the patient with pillows.

14. The swelling has started to _______________.

15. She became worried when the girl started _______________ blood.


  1. got over
  2. looking after
  3. picked up
  4. drops off
  5. passed out
  6. broke down
  7. takes after
  8. take off
  9. bringing up
  10. got around
  11. give up
  12. knocked out
  13. propped up
  14. go down
  15. coughing up
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