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A job or occupation is a profession every person does in society. It is an activity people do to make payments. There are multiple jobs in the world likewise artist, doctor, teacher, waiter, watchman, electrician, and so on. Learn the list of people and occupations vocabulary in English from this article.

You can begin your journey to adding English related names to your vocabulary by carefully reading through this section.

People/Occupations words in this article include:

Actor, Archer, Army, Artist, Athlete, Baby, Baker, Ballerina, Boy, Brother, Bully, Champion, Child, Children, Dad, Daughter, Diver, Doctor, Emperor, Explorer, Family, Father, Firefighter, Friends, Girl, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandparents, Heir, Heiress, Hero, Human being, Husband, Imp, Infant, Inventor, Janitor, Kid, Kin, King, Lady, Librarian, Magician, Man, Me, Mom, Mother, Mummy, Nurse, Paleontologist, People, Person, Pioneer, Pitcher, Police, President, Prince, Princess, Pupil, Quadruplets, Queen, Quintuplets, Samurai, Scuba diver, Sister, Soldier, Son, Student, Teacher, Team, Toddler, Triplets, Twins, Us, Veteran, We, Wife, Woman, You, Youngster

S.No. Word Meaning
1 Actor An actor is someone who performs a role in a play or a movie.
2 Archer An archer shoots an arrow with a bow.
3 Army An army is a unified group of people who are trained to fight on land.
4 Artist An artist creates works of art.
5 Athlete Someone who is good at a sport is an athlete.
6 Baby A baby is a very young person.
7 Baker A baker bakes food in the oven, like breads, cakes, and cookies.
8 Ballerina A ballerina is a woman who does ballet dancing.
9 Boy A boy is a young man.
10 Brother Brothers are boys or men who have the same parents.
11 Bully A bully is person who is mean to others.
12 Champion A champion is the winner of a game or other competition.
13 Child A child is a young person.
14 Children Children are young people.
15 Dad
Dad is another word for father.
16 Daughter A daughter is a female offspring.
17 Diver Divers swim under the water.
18 Doctor A doctor can help you when you’re sick or hurt.
19 Emperor An emperor is an unelected ruler of a country.
20 Explorer An explorer explores unknown places and discovers new things. For example, Magellan was an explorer who led the first expedition that sailed around the Earth.
21 Family A family is a group of related people.
22 Father A father is a man who has a child.
23 Firefighter A firefighter is a person who puts out fires and saves people’s lives.
24 Friends Friends are people who like and respect each other.
25 Girl A girl is a young woman.
26 Grandfather The father of your father or mother is your grandfather.
27 Grandmother The mother of your father or mother is your grandmother.
28 Grandparents Grandparents are grandmothers and grandfathers.
29 Heir An heir is a person who has inherited or will inherit something of value.
30 Heiress An heiress is a girl or woman who has inherited or will inherit a lot of money.
31 Hero A hero is someone who is admired for great courage, noble character, and performing good deeds, like a firefighter.
32 Human being  A human being is a person.
33 Husband A husband is a married man. I is a word that refers to the person who is speaking or writing.
34 Imp An imp is a mischievous child.
35 Infant An infant is a baby.
36 Inventor An inventor designs and creates new, useful things.
37 Janitor A janitor is someone who looks after and cleans a building.
38 Kid A kid is a young person.
39 Kin Kin are your relatives.
40 King A king is a hereditary ruler of a country.
41 Lady A lady is a woman.
42 Librarian Librarians take care of libraries and help people find books.
43 Magician A magician performs magic tricks.
44 Man Boys grow up to be men.
45 Me Me is a word that refers to the person who is speaking or writing.
46 Mom Mom is another word for mother.
47 Mother A mother is a woman who has a child.
48 Mummy A mummy is a preserved dead body.
49 Nurse A nurse takes care of you when you are sick or hurt.
50 Paleontologist A paleontologist is a scientist who studies ancient life (like dinosaurs), mostly by looking at fossils.
51 People People are human beings.
52 Person A person is a human being.
53 Pioneer A pioneer is a person who is the first to do something, like settle in a new area or do research.
54 Pitcher A pitcher is someone who throws a ball or other item.
55 Police The police enforce laws and keep order.
56 President A president is the elected leader of a country or organisation.
57 Prince A prince is the son of a king or queen.
58 Princess A princess is the daughter of a king or queen.
59 Pupil A pupil is a student, a person who is learning.
60 Quadruplets Quadruplets are four siblings (brothers and/or sisters) who are born at the same time from the same mother.
61 Queen A queen is a hereditary ruler of a country.
62 Quintuplets Quintuplets are five siblings (brothers and/or sisters) who are born at the same time from the same mother.
63 Samurai Samurai were Japanese warriors.
64 Scuba diver  Scuba divers swim under the water and carry their own air in a tank on their back.
65 Sister Sisters are girls or women who have the same parents.
66 Soldier A soldier is a person who fights for a country.
67 Son A son is a male offspring.
68 Student A student is a person who is learning.
69 Teacher A teacher is someone who helps you learn
70 Team A team is a group of people that work together towards a goal.
71 Toddler Toddlers are young children.
72 Triplets Triplets are three siblings (brothers and/or sisters) who are born at the same time.
73 Twins Twins are two siblings (brothers and/or sisters) who are born at the same time.
74 Us Us is a word that means yourself and others.
75 Veteran A veteran is a person who has had experience in an occupation. For example, ex-soldiers are often called veterans – especially those who have served in a war.
76 We We is a word that means yourself and others.
77 Wife A wife is a married woman.
78 Woman Girls grow up to be women.
79 You You is a word that refers to another person or persons.
80 Youngster A youngster is a young person.

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