Important Collective Nouns That Can Enhance Your Vocabulary

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Collective nouns are an integral part of the English language, adding richness and depth to our communication. These unique nouns are used to describe groups of people, animals, or things. By using collective nouns, we can express ourselves more precisely and paint vivid pictures with our words.

In this article, we will explore some important collective nouns that can enhance your vocabulary and make your writing more engaging.

“A” (1-9)
1. An army of soldiers
2. An army of ants
3. An assembly of listeners/ worshipers
4. An album of photos/stamps/snap shots
5. An alliance of states/powers
6. An anthology of poems
7. An archive of public records
8. An assortments of jobs
9. An association of labourers
“B” (1-20)
1. A board of trustees
2. A bale of cotton
3. A bale of wood
4. A barrage of questions
5. A basket of fruit
6. A batch of loaves
7. A board of examiners
8. A brigade of cavalry
9. A brigade of infantry
10. A batch of pupils
11. A battery of guns
12. A block of houses
13. A beam of rays
14. A budget of letters
15. A bowl of illness
16. A bunch of grapes
17. A bundle of clothes
18. A band of musicians
19. A bunch of keys
20. A band of nomads
“C” (1-25)
1. A cache of arms
2. A catalogue of books
3. A cargo of goods
4. A carillon of bells
5. A catch of fishes
6. A cavalcade of memories
7. A cellar of wine
8. A chain of events
9. A chest of drawers
10. A cloud of dust
11. A cluster of nuts
12. A code of laws
13. A commission of enquiry
14. A commonwealth of nations
15. A consignment of goods
16. A constellation of stars
17. A convoy of lorries
18. A curriculum of studies
19. A crop of weeds
20. A cluster of stars
21. A crowd of people
22. A chain of mountains
23. A course of study
24. A covey of partridges
25. A choir of singers
“D” (1-2)
1. A drove of cattle
2. A delegation of students
“F” (1-15)
1. A flight of locusts
2. A flock of sheep/goats
3. A flock of geese
4. A flight of insects
5. A faggot of twigs
6. A faggot of sticks
7. A fall of leaves
8. A fall of snow
9. A fall of rain
10. A family of languages
11. A fleet of cars
12. A flotilla of boats
13. A forest of trees
14. A flock of birds
15. A fleet of ships
“G” (1-14)
1. A gang of thieve
2. A gang of convicts
3. A gathering of people
4. A guild of tradesmen
5. A guild of artisans
6. A grain of rice
7. A gust of wind
8. A gallery of picture
9. A garland of flowers
10. A glut of injuries
11. A group of islands
12. A grove of trees
13. A group of students
14. A galaxy of stars
“H” (1-14)
1. A heap of ruins
2. A heap of sand ()
3. A hoard of jewels
4. A hoard of gold
5. A host of subjects
6. A hive of bees
7. A herd of deer
8. A herd of swine
9. A herd of cattle
10. A haul of fishes
11. A horde of barbarians
12. A horde of savages
13. A host of people
14. A heap of sand
“J” (1)
1. A jury of judges
“L” (1-13)
1. A lock of hair
2. A litter of puppies
3. A league of powers
4. A league of states
5. A league of nations
6. A library of books
7. A lump of coal
8. A lump of mud
9. A lump of cloud
10. A lump of lead
11. A litter of kittens
12. A litter of piglets
13. A leash of hounds
“M” (1-10)
1. A mass of cloud
2. A mass of ruins
3. A maze of tangle wood
4. A maze of worldly affairs
5. A miscellany of compositions
6. A mine of information
7. A museum of art
8. A Mob of rioters
9. A multitude of people
10. A muster of troops
“N” (1-2)
1. A nosegay of flowers
2. A nest of ants
“P” (1-12)
1. A pile of books
2. A peal of laughers
3. A pinch of salt
4. A pinch of snuff
5. A peal of bells
6. A panel of judges
7. A panel of jurymen
8. A roll of names
9. A rosary of beads
9. A round of duties
10. A round of applause
11. A row of chairs
12. A row of trees
“S” (1-30)
1. A sea of trouble
2. A series of events
3. A series of lectures
4. A set of rules
5. A set of tools
6. A sheaf of arrows
7. A shock of cornstalks
8. A shock of hair
9. A shower of arrows
10. A shower of abuses
11. A shower of rains
12. A shower of bullets
13. A species of animals
14. A species of plants
15. A stack of hay
16. A stack of wood
17. A stock of goods
18. A stockpile of nuclear
19. A stockpile of gun powder
20. A storm of protests
21. A stretch of wheat
22. A string of pearls
23. A string of beads
24. A suit of rooms
25. A suit of apartments
26. A syllabus of studies
27. A sheaf of grains
28. A shoal of fish
29. A stock of clothes
30. A suit of armors
“T” (1-11)
1. A troop of lions
2. A troop of monkeys
3. A train of donkeys
4. A team of horses
5. A team of oxen
6. A team of players
7. A train of wagons
8. A tuft of hair
9. A tuft of feathers
10. A troupe of dancers
11. A tuft of grass
“V” (1-6)
1. A volley of shots
2. A volley of arrows
3. A volley of stones
4. A volley of missiles
5. A volley of questions
6. A volley of abuses
“W” (1-2)
1. A wardrobe of clothes
2. A whorl of misery
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