How to Criticize: TOEIC Practice Test Questions & Answers


The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers in a business or professional context. The test is widely used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of job candidates, employees, and students.

The TOEIC test consists of two parts: the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test. The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is a paper-and-pencil test that consists of multiple-choice questions, while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test is a computer-based test that consists of spoken and written responses to prompts.

The test is designed to measure a wide range of English language skills, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking ability, and writing ability. Overall, the TOEIC is a widely recognized and respected English language proficiency test that is used by organizations around the world to evaluate the English language skills of non-native speakers.

Q&A Topic: How to Criticize

Criticism, when delivered constructively, is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. Whether in the workplace, academia, or personal relationships, effective criticism can lead to positive changes and improvement. However, the art of criticism is delicate, and it requires finesse to ensure that feedback is helpful rather than hurtful.

Timing is crucial when delivering criticism. Choose a time when the individual is receptive and not under significant stress. Also, consider the setting – a private and quiet space is often more conducive to open and honest communication than a public one. Timing and environment can greatly influence the way criticism is received.

Here are some questions that can help you to clear the TOEIC exam:

Q1 Quite honestly I didn’t think _________ of the standard of acting in the play.

(a) lot
(b) few
(c) little
(d) much

Answer: (d) much

Q2 If you want my _________ opinion, I thought the food tasted revolting.

(a) honoured
(b) honourable
(c) honest
(d) honour

Answer: (c) honest

Q3 To come straight to the _________ I think the management team needs replacing.

(a) summit
(b) top
(c) topic
(d) point

Answer: (d) point

Q4 There are several matters on which I should like to take _________ concerning your report.

(a) outcome
(b) outlook
(c) issue
(d) outing

Answer: (c) issue

Q5 There’s really no virtue in me pussy _________ around because I might as well tell you it’s awful.

(a) treading
(b) footing
(c) walking
(d) tripping

Answer: (b) footing

Q6 I have a long _________ of things I think are wrong, where shall I start?

(a) story
(b) description
(c) file
(d) list

Answer: (d) list

Q7 I’m afraid to tell you that your standard of work has fallen well below what we think is _________.

(a) considerable
(b) believable
(c) acceptable
(d) available

Answer: (c) acceptable

Q8 In all honesty if I said that everything was all right, I’d simply be _________.

(a) lying
(b) laying
(c) loading
(d) letting

Answer: (a) lying

Q9 If you can’t improve your level of work, I’m afraid you’ll have to look _________ for another job.

(a) anywhere
(b) elsewhere
(c) nowhere
(d) somewhere

Answer: (b) elsewhere

Q10 I’m sick and _________ of always having to put right your mistakes.

(a) weary
(b) exhausted
(c) fatigued
(d) tired

Answer: (d) tired

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