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Grammar Sense is a series of English language learning textbooks written by Susan Kesner Bland and Geoff Barton. The series is published by Oxford University Press and is designed to help learners of English improve their grammar skills in a structured and systematic way.

There are four books in the Grammar Sense series, each focusing on a different level of language proficiency:

  1. Grammar Sense 1: Fundamentals of Grammar and Usage (A1/A2)
  2. Grammar Sense 2: Student Book with Online Practice Access Code Card (B1/B2)
  3. Grammar Sense 3: Student Book with Online Practice Access Code Card (B2/C1)
  4. Grammar Sense 4: Advanced Grammar and Writing (C1/C2)

The books include clear explanations of grammar rules, numerous examples, and exercises to reinforce learning. The online practice access code cards allow learners to access additional exercises and activities, and to track their progress.

Here are the list of books collections of Grammar Sense that you may find useful:

S.No. Book Name Total Pages
1 Grammar Sense – Book 1 444 Pages
2 Grammar Sense – Book 2 479 Pages
3 Grammar Sense – Book 3 468 Pages
4 Grammar Sense – Book 4 368 Pages

Overall, Grammar Sense is a comprehensive and effective resource for English language learners who want to improve their grammar skills.

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